Characters Team Up's

Can someone please list couple of Characters that has a Special Tag Attack with another character?

i only know Batsu + Jun has a Special Attack together. :stuck_out_tongue:

this couldn’t have gone in team synergy as a question. needed it’s own thread. :rofl:

batsu and jun have a special attack?

He’s probably just talking about Batsu’s level 3 super? Batsu has 3 different level 3 supers, and which one you get depends on your partner, and they come out and perform it with you.

Batsu (and Joe Condor) are special. They are the only characters who have moves like this.

Batsu’s level 3 changes depending on his partner. Some characters give him a super ryusai kick, others give him a super kiaidan and others give him a super ryusai punch.

If your partner is dead, he does an even more powerful version of the super kiaidan.

As for Joe Condor, when he does his level 3 he seems to randomly team up with either Ken or Jun, regardless of who your opponent or partner is.

Thanks for this Info.
especialy the Info about the Dead Partner, Super Kiadan. n_n

Yes, this belongs in the team synergy thread.