Characters that aren't considered top tier


that F you up…


Nova for some strange reason.




But Viper is top tier she…

fuck it I’m done trying.


Hulk. Everyone gets hit by :h: , I’m just the only one that can admit it.




Against relatively smart players: Hulk.
Against dumb people who always push buttons for no reason: Hulk, Nova, and Frank West.

Literally had a match where the guy was using Nova and was in lvl 3 X Factor and he did 4 slides in a row. Which is still annoying because of the threat of an overhead since its so fast in lvl 3. Plus with online lag it made blocking it annoying.




Happens to everybody.


[RIGHT]I am so tired of 30 second long anime combos that somehow don’t kill.[/RIGHT]


CHun li… dem legs…

modok… dat head…

joe… dos rangs…

in addition to those mentioned above…


Ghost Rider online. Might be due to me being a Tron user, but whatever. Mystic Ray assist helps out with everything you could ever need, though.



Hulk(SMASH! SMASH YOU!), Nova(stupid slides and brainless airdashing that hits me out of reaction anti-air supers online), Captain America(super scrubby online, everything about him)


Zero for sure. Or Wesker.


Reading comprehension is a problem for some.

Sentinel, Drones and on-point. I just want to hit him everytime I see him.


Hulk not top tier? Are you kidding me? Hulk is the most bull**** character in this game. Takes almost zero skill to use if you’re playing against a non-keep away player. He has ONE combo, or at the very least only one that actually gets used. H, S, sj, MMHS, Gamma Tsunami. It does A LOT of damage.

Low-Tier character who I can’t stand? Probably Ghost Rider. I can never figure out how to get around his fj S, or BURN! BURN! BURN! BURN!


Hulk is not even in the general vacinity of top tier.


That particular combo does very average damage and the meter build is ass, you probably don’t play against very good Hulk players if that’s the combo they use.

On the off chance that you’re not trolling, please read this thread. Especially the parts about his weaknesses and bad matchups. Those might help you out in beating the emerald giant.

On topic: Ghost Rider and Arthur. Those characters cause Hulk so much trouble and they also shut down my neutral assist (drones). I also feel that Arthur in XF3 gives my whole team enough trouble for me to snap him in early.


True that, and that lariat can still put a frown on people’s face.


technically yes she is, but top tier also consists of many variables such as ease of use which she is not. show me any joe schmoe that can do consecutive seizmoe cancels like marlinpie can do… not many. so IMO she is not, she’s good just not top 5 like many people say but I understand your frustration when trying to convince people she is. I for one think Chris is ALOT better than many people think but most say he sucks and I hate trying to argue with those people as well