Characters that bring up the salt


Some characters bring up the salt in this game, for exemple if you’re a Sim player and you play a decent keepaway game for 90 seconds only to get blown up once you get knocked down. Also if you play a highly technical character and you get beat by basic tactics. I know I tend to get more salty when I play certain characters, what are for you the most frustrating characters to use online?


Dhalsim is easily up there. Against characters like Cammy and Seth it’s literally 70 seconds of running and it only takes 10 to lose the round.

Makoto is up there for me. Been playing her a ton recently and it’s…Unique. Yeah I can win in 10 seconds and faceroll. But…The mistakes you can make with Makoto just seem to hurt a little more than with other characters. s.HP hayate cancel s.MP…Nah breh


probably Yun , he just get blown up so fast compared to his damage output and other characters damage outpu/health pool , its pretty lame

but watching dhalsims struggle is priceless


Bison. Cause Guile. Sonic Boom is an anti air, footsie tool and free chip damage… and this is against a shit Guile. A good one? Oh boy…


Hakan. When he is picked, someone’s feelings are going to get hurt, especially with U2. Either the opponent falls right and gets to see his character reduced to a comical trope, or Hakan lies on the floor alone like a complete fool ready for the punishment of choice. U1 is also funny but the move is actually decent so it doesn’t feel so bad.


El Fuerte is annoying even if you’re winning. I legit don’t have a problem with the players, but the design of the character is ugh.


Ibuki. Holy fuck this bitch. Absolutely braindead set play, almost nothing in neutral unless you come across the 1 in 1000 Ibuki players who actually bothered to learn how to actually play the game.


You main Makoto. C’mon. Best bros!


My foot impacting her teeth expresses the extent of our friendship beautifully.


deejay and guile. AGH!!!


Don’t be like that Makobro!


Gen can be a nightmare online.

And to me, his most frustrating matchups are El Fuckface and the Shotos.

Shotos basically get everything for free already with their ultra high braindead accessibility. It’s only salt in the wound to fight one with a subpar connection with Gen. :mad:


Being a Ibuki/Makoto player this hurted my feelings sooooo bad :frowning:


Me too… :C

I mean. He has a point and I hate it too but still.

Not like she isn’t being toned down in Ultra. She’ll still have good oki but the ones who run nothing but random neckbreakers to setups are gonna drop her. For Ken likely. lol


Gouken. Some (I mean most that I’ve encountered) players just spam the hell out of his fireball and then do an EX tornado kick. This probably wouldn’t normally be a huge deal if I didn’t play Yun, Blanka and Zangief so much though.


Rico Suave.


Guile. Super salt.


Characters that put down the salt:

Only E. Honda.




Blanka definitely brings the salt for me. I can handle El Feurte random but Blanka random I hate.