Characters that can be crossed up in the corner

Hey all, just figured I’d post this here since knowing this is a very important part of using SA2 with Oro…

Anyway, here is the list of characters who have this property:

Akuma (but none of the other shotos, weird)

That’s all, folks!

EDIT: Oh yeah, you can do this to Elena sometimes, since she moves around while standing still. You can’t use this to create unblockable setups or anything, so I didn’t include her in the main list.

Have fun,

You forgot Urien. Check my post from January in the Yagyou Dama thread for more details.

Read my post again foo. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I totally agree with you about SA2 not being very useful vs. Urien. Akuma gives you a kinda similar problem; reversal teleport gets him out of all unblockables, and he can also teleport to escape any corner unblockable setups for free.

However, I think SA2 may well be the best against all the other characters on that list…


My bad, your list seemed a little short so I jumped the gun. It was actually Elena that was missing, but you made a note of her below. IIRC, Elena is vulnerable to being crossed up in the corner just as she’s getting up, so some unblockable setups are still reliable against her.

Ooh, didn’t realize that about Elena. Thanks a lot! =)