Characters that can compete vs God tier

List Characters that you think can compete with the Gods. If possible, list why do you think these characters can compete as well.

Megaman/Sent (Drones)

I think Mega man with Sent, does pretty good vs Mag and Storm. Drones, Rock ball and Jumping Hp makes it really hard for Mag to get in. Mega man jumping Hp can hit Storm out of her Hail Storm, so that’s all really good.

Rogue- vegita-x proved she can compete at a high level of play

Anakaris- Forgot the Anakaris player name, but I have seen him beast on a high level of play.

The point of this thread is, to see which character’s have the highest potential to compete vs the gods(other then the top tier).


For some unknown reason I always crush my friends who play God tier with some good ol’ cactus action.


I’ve been running through fools with my ghetto MST team, Morg/Storm/Tron. Basicaly if you can keep the pressure on, they’re done:smokin:. If they super jump, you’re done.

I always felt like morg was a twisted mix between Magneto and Cable, being mediocre at what they accel at. Morg has a great tri jump but unlike magneto relies on tron or another assist to do any worthwhile damage. However with tron, you’re bread and butter can do more damage than a five fierce, and into a super can do upwards of 120 damage. DHC into storm for an instant kill. Unfortunately, Morg only has a 3 way air dash, and you’ll find yourself begging for a back dash in many instances.

Morg can also ghetto-Cable it by fucking up your opponents assist REALLY BAD with her beam super. If they call and assist and you short+tron, d+hk, OTG beam super into hail storm, expect a rage quit :-). Many matches I’ve been completely zoned out with Morg by the point character until she’s at critical health and needs to switch out, only to smack their assist with morg’s beam super into hail storm to kill the assist and go on to win the round. They lose their AAA, Storm comes in with full health and can start on some tron shenanagins, and use morg for AAA into Hail storm. Since Morg’s AAA hits like 9 times you have all the time in the world to Hailstorm. Her fireball has a lot of hitstun on it also, so when they call an assist that wiffs, you can throw out a fireball and if it hits cancel into her beam super, into hail storm.

If you’re strict about not playing god tier, Morg/Doom/tron works great too with some very damaging DHC’s.

powa post! IMO, the characters do matter but so do the duos and or teams. Since the game is based on helpers, its only natural that some characters would be better than others.

speed up wolvie ron- how the fuck are you going to block a character you can’t push block? speed up wolvie can hit confirm into tron, activate speed up mode, infinite till tron is able to be used again, then a BS reset, bnb with tron dead character. By far the fastest dash in the game in that mode.

guile ron or guile\sent\AA combinations

when guile starts doing TK flash kicks combined with his priority on his normals, it can be very hard to approach him. He can only do single hit overheads on the average character who’s crouching which kinda sucks for him. Multi hit overheads add so much to a characters game. He controls space pretty well with the right helpers to.

Not sure if he can beat the tops, but IMO he has potential to do so.
charlie ron or charlie\drones or charlie\doom**

its hard to say who’s better. charlie or guile. They both have different things that make them good. Charlie can really get to work and his mixups are better than guiles. If the opponent is scared of constant pressure, charlies RH throw can do some awesome life. Rh throw, dash fwd,, qcf+kk will do over half life off a throw setup. He can also do some pretty interesting things with his banana kicks to allow for reposition or mixups. His sonic boom will trade with sentinels crouching spit. His bck+rh will hit top tiers to allow him to get mixups and thats pretty dangerous combined with tron. J.rh+tron vs sentinel is an instant overhead, sentinel doesn’t like characters who can do that. Those type of mixups are very hard to block on reaction if not impossible and his loops in general on hit can be very hard to deal with.

charlie has much much more to abuse outside of what I posted and the video I made.

morrigan ron

morrigan ron has some very retarded options. IIRC, she has a 6 piece overhead string on crouching characters of the average height. She has an instant overhead to make things a tad bit trickier for the opponent, she can wiff with addf.fp @ the right height to fake highs and she has an infinite vs standing characters if you take the time to learn that. Not that hard iirc. All of her supers are above average. Basic bnb with tron, qcf+kk is retarded life and the opponent can’t roll after that for a free mixup. If you hit the following mixup with another bnb+tron, its a dead character. She also has 3 arcs on her AD which makes her angles of attack or dodge make her that much better. Great air FB, priroity on SRK is pretty good and her command grab is actually useful. She also has an instant overhead which is even deadlier given her mixup potential already.
spidey ron**

personally, he’s currently my best low tier character maybe out side of morrigan. Very damaging loops, that can’t be blocked consistently due to random hit box placement. Every single one of spidey pokes will crossup. To my knowledge, he’s the only character like that in the entire game. His mobility is above average for a low tier. He has an AD that can be canceled in 3 spots to change his arc coming in, a wall jump and wall jump+dash glitch which gives him a different angle. His web shot is also rather good. It goes through a lot of things and its good enough to stop storms hail. If the FP web shot ever hits you, its usually game over for that character. He also has great guard break setups so if he loops one character up, the character coming in is usually in deep shit. His j.rh is an instant overhead that breaks armor on the first hit on sentinel and trust me, robot doesn’t like that when tron is there.

ruby ron

another low tier I play often, this bitch is OUT OF CONTROl. Her spike is god like, it’ll stop MOST projectiles once its out even stopping sentinels c\s.spit. Her ghost can be used to control extra parts of the screen and force the opponent away. Sj.rh builds retarded bar. She can throw into tron all though the damage output ranges from 20% life to 50% because of how characters bounce off the rings. Her hit confirms are retarded into tron,, hit confirm, call tron, qcf+pp, aim down, tron rings hit, c.fp is god like. She also has some next level things about her that I don’t see anyone use. You can actually control her barrel glitch, the one where you have to hold start. One of the bad things about ruby is that has bad reposition. If she super jumps, she can’t really control her decending arc all that well but her taunt glitch will slam her back to ground from the peak height of her SJ. This makes it harder for the opponent to hit you and the glitch itself even has a hit box on it. She also has the overhead glitch out of her qcf+pp super which can be used in mixups.,, call tron, qcf+pp, fly through the opponent to sandwhich the oppponent, get the overhead glitch and you can do 1-3 hit mixups after your super and if they hit, you can bnb+tron, c.fp, then reset throw after FS or super through them on wake up.

I might fill some more of this page up later. Other low tiers who I think have mad potential.

gambit with the proper helpers. Bad mobility.
omega red
jill - this bitch doesn’t need mobility apparently
venom ron
cammy but @ this point after 10 years, i think everyone knows cammy is god like.
anakaris ron - by far one of the nastiest low tiers in the game.

That’s a hard question to answer. In the strictest sense of the word, only god tier could compete with god tier - anyone below would be at a disadvantage.

That aside, I think most characters can compete against a god tier with a top tier assist with them. That’s the key if you can say there is one.

In theory anyone is good. But what teams are you guys acctually using? And could talk from maybe 300+ games of experiance using a low teir team? That’s when things start to really come out. I’m interested to hear how Marrow can contend.

don’t get hit applies across the board. Give chun ron a hit, peace out. give spidey ron a hit and you better be ready to block some bullshit. Same with morrigan ron.

spidey ron

spidey lands a j.fp on a grounded opponent,,, s.rh, sjc, adf, quick drop sj.rh, s.lp, launcher,, sj LP web ball,, sj.fp, all of this is a combo

opponent is now KD and spidey is right next to them. Instant overhead+tron, recombo, dead character

next character comes in, guard break, double action, j.fp, smacks them into the tron rings, dwnfwd+fp or s.rh launcher, air combo end with sj.fp.

@ this point. I’ve only landed 2 hits. The initial bnb with spidey, then the reset after web ball KD. I’ve killed a whole character and I have done 60% to the next one with a GB.

don’t take that to far. Some characters are just garbage regardless of team chemistry. Roll, servebot, felicia are among them.

guile and ken period.
why? because i use them.

i beat god tiers on the daily with guile(anti air), iron man(anti air), ken(expansion)


1 hit kill all right!

Guard break DHC all right!


what is some good guile-ish (assists, combos, etc)

I used to play a true low tier team in bison/cammy/hulk. that team was pretty funny to play against god tier because they seem to have no chemistry but they do. With three meters, a bison air combo into super dhc’d all the way through kills all regular characters 100% and damn near kills sentinel. Bison has a teleport which helps him deal with a lot of high tier bullshiet. Cammy is great against rushdowns and tri jumps. Hulk can’t punish assists like tron but you can get some pretty funky assist punishes with bison/hulk (using bison’s hcb+p balls to protect hulk). Air throws are awesome with this team and lead to supers and dhc’s every single time (that means 100% bison air throw). So, its not hard to sneak wins in or just beat up a “god tier” team. But I mean when you start playing really good competition, all this low tier stuff goes out of the window. I doubt anyone is beating wong’s matrix with low tier tactics. (wong isn’t the only one, just used him as an example, i think once you hit a certain level in marvel, it gets near impossible to lose to low tier a lot or on a consistent basis. but what do i know? xD)


^^ If those two were to run that back, I think DPC would walk all over that team. no shit on justin, but DPC has improved a lot. Once he realized not to attack, ever, he had the clear advantage.

It’s still a really fun squad, and in the right hands it could compete with a lot of teams. That moment looked mad hype too.

I thought I remember Jwong said that Marrow could take on the top tiers, like Storm. Does anyone have thoughts about his comment?

Only post in this thread that speaks truth.

Find some better opponents.

yea, marrow is pretty good but her ability to beat tops is going to solely depend on team chemistry. Marrow has one of the best supers in the game with qcb+pp. Comes out pretty fast. Once its out, its out and usually makes contact but there are some ways to dodge it, you can combo it and the damage output on is pretty good. Her qcf+pp super after bnb with a helper will send the opponent pretty far, in most cases in the corner. Her dash is also one of the best in the game. Think about how magnus can dash crossup storm when shes falling after running away. marrow can do the same thing. Her priority isn’t god like but its decent with some fast normals. Both of her boomerangs have a purpose. The LP one can only be ducked by very short characters. It does hit the tops which is a plus and its a great anti guard cancel tool. Her c.rh+helpers like tron\mando, qcb+pp are awesome for assist damage. The super starts so fast that it makes it pretty hard to trade with and she usually get some beefy damage out of it. Especially with tron assist. She also has a safe dhc in on her qcb+pp so she can get in the game rather easy. Shes all ground pressure with no decent mixups outside of the corner.

I play guile\marrow ron as of late. Wongs version was charlie\marrow ron iirc and in that specific order. Other variations like marrow\sent\capcom and marrow\sent\cyke are both god like versios. Shes a pretty versatile character and she can be on a wide array of teams.

This is what I love about her. Lp boomerang pwns

For the most part i agree, but it’s possible. I’ve have seen Wong Beat Matrix’s with a low tier(Gambit/Morrigan/Cyclops) team before. Yipes Magneto got fucked up by Wigfall Psylocke at Evo 2k6. So it’s possible.

I’d like to hear why do u think Most of those characters can compete at a high level of play. Not saying you’re wrong, but I’ve never seen most of those characters do much Vs the gods.

I know wong can beat other people’s team matrix with low tier, but I doubt people are beating wong in a tournament with low tier. About yipes, I dont really think he was at the top of his game at 2k6 + psylocke is ghey :shy: if you get too rushdown’ish she can make u pay with those psyblades.

I’d also like to comment on gambit with proper helper against god tier comment. I use gambit/tron a lot and I love it.

-He can punish assists very very well with c.rh+tron, hcb+kick super.
-Also, if you do manage to land a hit (which normally doesn’t come from complex mixups, for me it comes with out prioritizing mostly) you get,, kinetic card, royal flush. That combo rapes so bad because the kinetic card holds them for the last 2 tron rings. Gambit has great priority with his c.fp and can beat out a lot of attacks people like to use (sj.fp from magneto, sj.rh from cable, it even trades with sentinel’s f.rh in the worst spots).
-After a knockdown, you can actually try to mixup by calling tron and then doing his kick super so that gambit goes to the other side. At worst this results in some safe chip, and lets the opponent know you are trying to win with gambit! :wow: It is a rather slow crossup. If it hits though, which it does sometimes, it hurts.
-the kick super gambit has makes him flexible as a 2nd slot character, because he can get in safely, and royal flush sets up so many other dhc’s perfectly.
-his fp kinetic card will break sentinel’s super armor, so sj. fp kinetic card is a tactic sentinel has to anticipate. otherwise he will get knocked down and gambit gets to pressure for free.
-gambit’s pigeon kicks are great with tron. even stuff as simple as, to pigeon kick is a good guardstring. pigeon kicks can be used to counter certain pushblocks. and once you corner someone with gambit/tron, his pigeon kick+tron strings become hard to escape (because every time they pushblock you can pigeon kick to put them back in guardstun and call tron again)

all in all, I feel like if the opponent doesn’t pick doom rock’s to counter tron, gambit/tron (or in general, low tier/tron) has a good chance against many high tier teams. although, it all depends on the level of skill of both players.

When I said “Matrix”, I mean the player Matrix. He was using his team vs Jwong Gambit/Morrigan/Cyclops. So it’s a big difference from a random guy using team Matrix and getting beat.

Good shit. I’m a big Gambit fan since he’s my main in MvC1. I usually play him with Doom(AA), but i Think I’ll try tron too.

I was just fucking around in training mode I think Gambit has semi infinite(maybe infinite).

I think it easier to use psylocke to set it up.

S.Lk,S.Hp + Psylocke(AA) Trick card(LP),Kinetic Card(LP), and just repeat Kinetic Card(LP) as fast as possible(meaning no delay). I got up to 17 hits on mag and 16 on Sent. I think it’s best to cancel into his Royal Flush around 15 since u get like 1 point of damage around there.

Edit: I think it’s a infinite. Got like 28 hits on Venom.