Characters that improve execution?


Im looking to get my execution up

I hear a lot of things like older players have better execution because of games like third strike etc.

what would be a better way to get my execution up …

go back and learn 3rd strike ( would also be doing this for fun wouldnt be a a chore for me)

or pick one of the more difficult characters in AE ? Maybe both ?

If so what characters would be good for me to use to improve execution maybe sakura ?


What character are you using? Not all characters require high levels of execution to pull off… Older games will help yes, they will also help clean up your inputs but you can still learn to do the same in SF4’s engine.


playing Ryu now and hes fun but I’d like to start playing one of the harder characters execution-wise for a while that way when I go to learn other characters they will be easy in comparison and my mechanics will be better in general

so Im asking who the best character would be for this


SF4 is a bit more lenient with inputs but it still has some characters that you can learn.

Guile - it takes skill to constantly charge. Seriously, my fingers ache after a really intense charge war sometimes. I also find his FADC combos harder to do (ex. Flash Kick xx FADC dash xx U2).

C. Viper - Instant burn kicks.

Fuerte - His run stop loop is very hard to do.

Also, I don’t think games like 3rd Strike might necessarily help you here since the timing is different. However, it WILL help you in a sense because the inputs in that game are STRICT. Negative edge is common, mashing doesn’t help, and so forth. I play Yang in that game and I get his SRK kick sometimes when I try doing cr. mk xx mantis slash. For such a simple link I have to hold down the kick to prevent negative edge. Anyway, try those characters and see where it goes.

Or, just use Ryu and practice his harder links. I’m sure he has enough one-frame links you can learn into to improve your execution.


Honestly, play CVS2 for you to do shoryukens right. I think it has the tightest timing for it out of all the games Ive played. At least the ps2 version. Also KOF games dont have input shortcuts so thatll help you.


If you want to clean your execution, King of Fighters is really good for this.
In Street Fighters, execution heavy characters are mostly about muscle memory on a specific move, would that be a super jump, or a run stop mechanic )


I will check out king of fighters thanks

Still looking for some of the characters with higher execution in SF4 in the meantime though

I hear a lot about Sakura and Viper execution wise…should I try them ?

I’ve actually kinda want to try Ibuki but theres so many target combos seems like I would rely on that more and it wouldnt make me improve much… or does Ibuki have enough other links/combos to keep me improving ?


Ibuki has both links and TCs and require SJCs (Super Jump Cancels) to maximize your mix-ups and damage.


Some characters to maximize your execution:

Hakan (practice doing Focus dash normal cancel combos and infil jabs)
Cody (Practice buffering light normals into a special attack during footsies without the special move coming out (crLP - MK Ruffian is most common)). Also recognizing your counterhits (close HP - Ultra 2 or FMP - U2 are good for that).
C.Viper (Practice your jump cancels (Seimo hammer blocked - jump cancel - seismo hammer is a great jump cancel practice) and Fierce feint fierce combos)
El Fuerte (Practice Run Stop Fierce combos)
Vega (Practice crLP - crLP - crLP - crMP. Good for practicing double tapping crLP or b-linking if you do that.)
Yun / Yang / Juri (Their supers and Juri’s U1 are great for teaching you fast paced extended combos without dropping a combo.)
Makoto - Hayate Cancel combos can be good practice for execution. (sHP - HC - sMP - sMP - Hayate - Super - U1)
Balrog - EX Dash Upper loops are good executional practice
E Honda - crLP - HP HHS - crLP - HP HHS can help you practice pianoing
Adon/Makoto are good for helping you practice tiger knee inputs.
Deejay - Dash ultra and EX MGB - EX Sobat is good charge combo practice
M Bison - crLK - crLK - sLK - crMK - Scissor Kick - FADC - crLK - sLP - sLK - crMK - HP Psychocrusher is great for practicing charge character links that require switching between standing and crouching as well as FADCs
Juri and Cody are good for practicing unorthodox plinking inputs such as plinking MP with LK if you are charging Cody’s zonk with LP or plinking MK with LP if you are holding a Fuhajin on LK as Juri.


while KOF has more complex and tighter executions requirement, the buffer is huge compared to SF4 ,you can literally short cut neo maxs and supers ,it might false you into buffering stuff too much in advance while going back to SF4, BUT you’ll properly learn to do very clean SRK for example

as for pure SF4 :

-pick E.ryu and try his simple cl.hp>mk.axe kick>cr.lp then whatever you want, if you manage to do this consistently ,lots of links for other characters will feel way easier
-try also to do clean Ultra 2 combos , ex hado>fadc>ultra 2, its pretty hard at first and you cant mash it , but it will force you to do it cleanly and increase your execution precision
-same for Ken ultra 2 with ex hado cancel > fadc> ultra 2
-Viper trials are VERY good to improve your execution, it took me ages to finish theme
-Ryu last trial is also very good to learn two things at once : clean links and clean fadc> anything
-try this with Ken , turn on counter hit and put ex bars to infinite, and do 1 hp srk fadc>ex srk fadc>ex srk fadc> ect … you juggle multiple srk fadc with this, do it from both side from corner to corner
-Yang : you can combo ultra 1 from lp, try to do cl.lp>cl.lp>ultra 1
-Yang : you can combo from his lunch Mk without fadc ( middle screen ) ,but the timing is tight,> dash forward > ultra 1

and if you play on PC , you can map select next to your lp button, so you can plink it, plinking is really really helpful , a basic plink training with ryu would be :>> , you plink mp with lp and plink hk with mk


KOF13 absolutely has input shortcuts (as does 3S), they just get in the way a lot less than SF4’s do, and the main one that can be bothersome (f, d, f = valid DP, which is why the commonly cited hcb~f “longcut” works as a DP input) can be overridden by doing your fireballs with (qcf, uf +P). But yes, KOF helped at least my execution a crapton. It cares about things SF4 doesn’t really care about - SF4 makes you learn very exact timing, KOF13 just asks your stick inputs to be clean and fast, but is very lenient on when the buttons are actually pressed because button hold trick exists and most normals combo via chaining, not links.


better execution has to do mostly with training and discovering your own capabilities and limits.
you can reach a certain level comparatively fast, but after that you have to devote endless hours to rise one step at a time. It becomes a chore after this and is difficult to keep up.

Pick 3rd Strike only if you want to play the game. If you want training, better focus on SF4.

Though I’d also recommend Garou. It has something in common with SF4. AB cancel instead of FADC.
Some of those combos are hellishly difficult and require years of training. Though Garou is faster than SF4

eg this one is impossible for me:
j.C, C, f.d.f C, AB cancel, qcfx3 C


If you want something nice to practice, go into training with Adon and do some instant air jaguar kicks for a while. Then go in as cammy and do instant cannon spikes for a bit. You will have Adon’s best move down and one of Cammy’s most annoying things. Instant overheads are great, especially if use them rarely enough that the opponent isn’t expecting, so it’s both good training and useful if you ever play as them.

Oh, and play as Hakan for a bit. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but play as him against people until you can grab when you want to and you can slide when you want to. May sound easy, since one’s a 360 and the other is QCF, but when you’re blocking and need to punish, sometimes you’ll roll the stick a bit further than you want and whif a grab and just get punished yourself.


Try the strict execution of KOF 98, no sloppiness allowed there.

In general, though older games often had less mechanics and shorter combos, they were much more strict in regard to inputs.


KOF got my double HCB and HCF game down, those motions don’t scare me any more lol.

Ibuki is actually pretty execution heavy if you want her really good stuff. She has some great 1 frame loops from her spin kick and she can do even less practical stuff if you get really good like combo her super into her Ultra 1 or 2.


Cammy TKCS aren’t really hard at all; I taught a friend of mine to do them in minutes. IAJK though, that’s probably one of the hardest things in the game because you have to instantly go from back to up and hit the button and do it all super fast


Gamerbee do instant jaguar kick without the tignerknee motion. He just roll from up forward to back very fast.
Most Makoto player do the same for instant Tsurugi, which has a height limit as well.


If you want a TK challenge, practice IAEX Tsurugi’s and get them as close to the ground as possible. You can’t do them on jump back like a EX TKCS so you have to do QCB - Up / up forward without doing up back. And you have to do it even faster than a normal Tsurugi/Jaguar Kick if you want to get it super low to the ground since there is no height limit


Cammy is okay if you go for max damage combos.

Ever seen a scrub Cammy who can’t link into spiral arrow? They prey you can’t punish and mash the hell out of dp.