Characters that make you rage playing against?

I got a few.

Chun li - Pokes are way too good. all chun li players do nowadays is just turtle and grab.
Guile - walk back…sonic boom sonic boom sonic boom
Dhalsim - Yeah he is a zonig character so no complaining there but if I ever face a good one its a tough match for me.

you guys?

Guile - If you overhead, he flash kicks. if you walk in, he sonic booms. If you somehow over head without a flashkick, he’ll suddenly jump up and then it’s a grab war in the air. And all he does is walk backwards the WHOLE match.
Yun - No description needed.
Chun - Poke, poke, mutliple kicks. Poke, poke, slam kick. constant neutral jump and can never overhead in. Tough thing to anti-air right from time to time, too. Not really a character I’m annoyed by unless they just start grabbing until they build a meter.
Blanka - I gotta rush him down at the beginning or I’m asking for a trollfest.
Seth - This whole match is about who target combos first. Only problem is that his DP is ridiculously OP over mine. Typical shit.
Every shoto ever - Backwards, hadoken. Occasional tatsumaki in from over head or if gouken and akuma, face grab jump ins. Infact…
Akuma - I assure you that as soon as every akuma realizes they’re about to face me, they will always, ALWAYS jump backwards at the beginning of the match and fire off an overhead hado. And continue to do so while trying to do mixups every now and again, then demon away. Easy to punish and beat the dog shit out of, but I swear I get so annoyed that I even have to fight this character getting played like this every single time.

Balrog - Both my Sak and Chun lose to him by design (and on paper, so does Yang). Basically Balrog has a free pass to just sit/walk back the whole match and wait for me to do something while throwing out the occasional dash punch just to f-with me. And since neither’s walk speed matches his, it’s basically a whole game of chase until he gets a big life lead and decided to wanna rush down. Little work needed at that point to take the round since he hits .

Zangief - To a degree I have always hated grapplers no matter what the game, but AE Gief is flipping stupid IMO. New SPD range gets me nearly every time and it’s basically a matter of playing hard-to-get the whole match (I like to play in an aggressive manner, but going after Gief like that is just asking for both girls to get killed). Also, it seems every Gief is now using U2 specifically for Chun now, so that limits my mobility once he got ultra if I ever get knocked down. Guess wrong twice = dead Chun, oh, and did I forget to mention the fact that he just WON’T GO DOWN…? Freaking tank, man.

Yun/Yang/Rufus - Basically all follow the same tradition… Dive kick, dive kick, dive kick. I block well for a few good reps of these, and then its time to guess the tick throw. I guess right = I now got some room to work with. Guess wrong = get thrown OR link combo to knock down that hits me in the corner of the stage with a significant life loss, and have to resort back to stage one again. And sometime AA’ing them out of it is just too risky depending on the player, and as everyone should know by now, the twins are their own tier of craziness.

Akuma - Fireball zone games all day, but god forbid the player knows how to mix it up and vortex. I just never get into a comfort zone when dealing with a competent Akuma player; the character just has too many options to work with that flat out beat Chun’s/Sak’s.

Basically I like to capitalize off people’s opening and mistakes if I can find the room and really like it if I have room to move around the map. All those characters basically lock down my options in that matter, so it’s an instant recipe for frustration for me.

Guile - The almost instant recovery on his sonic boom makes it so hard for me to close the distance.

Dhalsim - Bad match-up for me. It’s very difficult to get close with his AAs and teleports.

Zangief - I just freaking hate Zangief. Once I get knocked down, it’s game over.

Chun-Li - Very good overhead, It’s safe on block and does decent chip damage. Even without it, her footsies are just plain evil. When she’s got me in the corner, I just think “Bitch, please. At least give me a chance”.

I use Cody btw and I’ve never really had too much trouble with the shotos.

El Fuerte

Ken. Kens everywhere.

Yun. Don’t need to explain.
Ibuki. Got caught in a match where the guy had a combo that seemed to go on forever except for a half second where I could block… But that just ended up getting countered by an EX neck snap… I now have a nightmarish fear for any Ibuki I play against shivers

I’ve done some literal hilarious combos like such. Just jump, lk, f. mk, s. lp, s. mp, c. hk, s. hk then hop after and wash, rinse, repeat. It should be able to be punished by a good well placed dp, give or take, but i could keep that shit going before they even caught on.

well im a ryu player so i find myself raging at dhalsim sometimes but i still enjoy fighting him lol

Really great to know other peoples problems. I have the same ones all you guys have with yun hahaha

Yeah, I’m a guy player so I don’t really have anything in the DP category lol. But to be honest, I’ve always wanted to learn ibuki. Maybe I’ll try her out twomorrow and see if she can fill in as my secondary. Also if I lurk a little more in the guy threads I’m sure I’ll find a good counter. :smiley:

All Shotos - Not because I hate playing the specific character, but i hate how everyone plays 'em
**C. Viper/Rufus **- It’s tough to fight their rushdown, it seems like it’s never safe to stop blocking.
**Zangief **- I just hate playing this matchup whether I win or lose. If I win it means I’m having a fun day throwing rocks and Fuhajins and I don’t find that to be fun, or if I’m losing then I’m getting thrown into the air by an almost naked Russian guy that looks like Richard Simmon’s lover.
**Sagat **- Must that I dislike fireball spam, or maybe it’s just me still frustrated over Vanilla 4, or maybe it’s that I don’t see the appeal of playing him. He seems like a very boring cookie cutter shoto variant who’s chin looks like balls.

I raged so hard the first time I got vortex’d, I still don’t know which way I need to block it.

Also, Deejay.
If that cheeky bastard tells me to relax one more time…

You do have a good DP, actually. And a damn good one at that.

The Bushin Senpukyaku.

I’m sure you’ll get into a lot of good stuff with Guy. I literally struggle beating them, but they’re always a great challenge to play because of their skill to play.

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