Characters that should have been in the game?


If you don’t think Karin Kanzuki shouldn’t have been in the game, you’re screwed up




they should put rose in


Wait. OP is actually saying that people whining for Karin to be in the game are screwed.
I agree.


Everybody from every Street Fighter game. 70 something characters fighting to the death.

Make it happen next time Capcom.


I really hate thinking in terms of “could have, would have, should have…” And, yes. I do think Karin deserved a spot for SFIV (she just happened to be one of my mains in SFA3) It would have made a lot more sense due to Sakura being involved. Things like Q, Remy, or R.Mika, would have been nice, too.


I should have been in the game.


I don’t understand how people can get this butthurt over a game years after it came out.


Can someone tell me why Karin has such a devoted fan base? I’ve seen people begging to put Karin in games a lot at these forums. Apart from being a piece of “omgitsanimeschoolgirlfanservisutimuu” - Was she a really well developed fun character or did she have an unique play style?


everyone wants karin to be in the game so they can pick ryu against her


In my opinion, yes. I couldn’t care less about the fanservice aspect or whatever-if I cared about that, I’d want R. Mika in the game, which I most certainly do not.

I’d trade Adon or Evil Ryu for Karin in a heartbeat.


Urien with Aegis Reflector as an EX move.


I messed with her a bit in Zero3. She has rekkas, counters, and I think a overhead special. I have no idea how she actually plays.


Urien and Rolento instead of Evil Ryu and Broly.


Cant imagine why people want such horrible character like R.Mika in the game. Rolento, Karin is understandable, and also they are rekka based characters which are nice, but R.Mika? No thanks

Also, as much as I love Q in 3rd strike, I dont think he’ll fit. Elena, Urien or Alex would definitely. But please no Twelve, Necro or Oro


oh fuck he got me!


alex damnit. he’s the fricking main character for sf3. why isn’t he in?! also, hagger just for the whole final fight gang


3rd strike Yang. Super jump, two overheads, Ex Rekkas that do a shitload of stun, cross-up divekicks and better pokes. Of course if you kept rekka fadc in he’d be broken so remove that. A man can always wish…


There are more characters that shouldn’t have been in the game than there are characters that should have been in the game.


i think we could do without oni or evil ryu. who did you have in mind?