Characters That Suffered the Biggest Nerfs Between Two Games


cvs1 king to cvs2 king
blazblue ct rachel to blazblue cs rachel
mvc1 wolverine to mvc2 wolverine

mvci morrigan and zero shouldnt be listed. they are still pretty fuckin good, especially zero, who is maybe the second best character in the game, despite all that nerf and more.


Yeah. True that. If anything, Frank and Chris suffered the biggest drop from UMvC3 going into MvCI. My mistake. =)


All the characters that were nerfed from '97 going into '98 were broken and made that game stupid in high level play.


True. I only provided one answer. The rest was more like a bonus.


Alpha - Rose, Chun, and maybe Ken went from top of Alpha 2 to pretty meh in Alpha 3


Sean was butchered beyond recognition.


Hugo, Ryu and Rolento in SFXT vanilla to v.2013


BR3 Marvel to BRPF/EX Marvel


CvS1 Boxer to Cvs2 Boxer


Mvc2 Storm to Mvc3-Umvc3 Storm


To the person that asked, yes: M.Bison/Dictator went from best character in CE to worst character in HF. In terms of absolute swing, this is the worst nerfing ever, beating even 2I -> 3S Sean, since 2I Sean was “only” No 3 before being dumped to either last or second to last in 3S.


Mvc2 Storm to Mvc3-Umvc3 Storm

How do you kill a god? Just ask Capcom.


Xvsf sabretooth to mvc2 sabretooth


Hyper fighting blanka to ssf2 blanka

Cvs2 Vega to vanilla sf4 Vega

Cvs2 Sakura to vanilla sf4 Sakura

MSH thanos to mvc2 thanos (doesn’t really count since MSH thanos was st Akuma status)


I’ll also throw SFA1 ->SFA2 Akuma into consideration. They made Akuma a legitimately weak character in SFA2.

I would’ve said SFA1->SFA2 Guy, too, but at least SFA2 Guy is still halfway decent.


SFA 2 Akuma was still pretty decent. They just cut all his air FB BS.


Sfa2 Akuma was still better than a2 guy


How much of Guy from A1 to A2 was just a result of the changes to the general system (removing chains, etc.) over direct nerfs?


He lacks the redizzies, and he lacks the stupid mix ups off of his special kick versions, since his 2in1 game was severely nerfed into the ground.

The chains contributed to the ToDs, but his mix ups got shafted hard on top of that.


sf2 ce -> ssf2 turbo : Zangief
kof96 -> kof97 : Leona
kof2003 -> kof 11 : Ash Crimson