Characters that will teach you the game fundamentals

Hey all

Can some one list all the characters that a beginner could use that would teach them fundamentals and defense,offense,footsies stuff like that.
So they can learn the basic fighting of SF mechanics.
Of course ryu and ken comes to mind and ive had my eye on rashid for a while not sure if he fits that role…but are there any others as well?

cammy and birdie

So ive heard what about rashid he seems fun ? Or wont he rly teach me the fundamentals

In my opinion, Rashid is a little too unorthodox as far as the basics of SF go. And a little fast paced. A boring answer would be Ryu, though I don’t see the harm in trying Dhalsim (at least for the footsies) or Cammy, as GrumpyMuffn suggested.

Dhalsim seems very interesting reason i stay away from him for now is because hes the hardest to learn?

Honestly, no character will teach you better than Ryu. Birdie does pretty well too since using his range and zoning game will get you used to the flow of SF.

In my opinion, use who you think is coolest. If you really think Rashid is cool, just pick him up and learn the game that way. When you’re passionate, you’ll put more time in and practice harder.

I’m new to SF, been playing Vega since day 1 and I love it.

Yeah also if i know how to play ryu will skill level bring over to another char? But with rashid its not like that with him Ur just learning him and not the overal game? If im correct?

Combofiend said now around 200x, that Cammy is the beginnerchar for SFV.
In the last interview he named also Birdie.
So Cammy and Birdie.

I wouldn’t say he’s the hardest to learn, BUT he’s definitely more execution heavy than most of the other cast.
All you need to do is mess up one IAT or TK gale, and you will soar through the skies for 70 frames while you whiffed a button so you have no options and landing recovery, most likely eating 200-300 or more damage as a result.

Another aspect of difficulty comes with getting good use of your Yoga Drills as Dhalsim. It’s very easy to space yourself wrong, causing drill to whiff or hit too high. You need to be quite on point in knowing your ranges to get good use of that.

I wouldn’t recommend Dhalsim for a beginner as a starting character. His playstyle is a bit unorthodox. However, he will teach you how to antiair, when to press your advantage and when to chill pretty well.
You will also learn footsies from a bit of a skewed point of view. So play Ryu, Cammy, Birdie for a while and then consider again when you have a better understanding on how the game works.


I play the game best with Ryu And ken even tho im not interested in maining them i will stick to them a bit more so i get more of understanding how all the match up works i still need to learn that one

I’d say Nash. He has good normals that require appropriate spacing to do well. His specials are hard to spam with to win and require good spacing and combo canceling to be effective. He can zone or rushdown and no reversal move encourages better blocking/throw tech fundamentals.