Characters that you love, but suck with them (so don't play them)


Seth and Bison.
edit: Viper, Balrog, Dudley, Guile (my main lol).


C.Viper & Ibuki. Love those characters But I can’t FFF or SJC ultra 2 loool


Abel. Tried to main him for a while, but just got irritated with all my stupid losses which I should of won.
Sigh…I still pick the guy once in a while…I just can’t help myself



His damage output is so high and has a billion easy ways to land his Ultra.



I love his personality and his normals/damage are fantastic but getting used to someone without Vega/Rose’s poke/throw range is hard for me.


makoto, it looks fun but i suck with her
guy, i hope someday learn to play with him


I love Zangief, I think he’s a bad ass but I have no patience to play a grappler.
I love Akuma’s vortex, I love to put people in Vortexes, I just can’t though.
I love Ryu because it’s Ryu.

Cammy, Dudley, Yang and Balrog(boxer) are just people I like to play because I find them fun, but am not willing to invest time into them.


While I actually main him I sometimes feel like I don’t have the execution to be consistent with Yang. I just struggle with doing so many directional inputs. In tournaments I just go with Rose, Gen or Chun since they’re easier to play for me. I’m just better at pressing buttons than doing Rekka FADC combos.

Funny thing is I have no problem with Gen’s combos but with Yang I struggle a lot like with launcher dash ultra on the right side and rekka fadc ultra on the right side. I peak like after two weeks of practicing with Yang but I always hit a slump after a while and basically have to learn his every combo again. For some reason I just can’t give up with him because he’s simply my favorite character and winning with him just feels more rewarding than with any other character.


I love Gen but I’m terrible with him. I got that old man shuffle on lock though.


I love Dudley as a character but can’t really seem to “click” with him (both in 3s and SFIV). I also like the twins but cannot be arsed to learn ginei-jin combos so they are out for me.

I love Bruce Lee (and kung fu movies) so Fei Long has always been my alt but I suck very, very bad with him.


Hitbox. Get one.


I considered getting one but they’re just too expensive for me. Maybe if I ever get a job then I could consider buying one. Of course there’s the option of building one but I don’t know anything about the technical stuff about building it.


i suck at all characters so i can pick any one i love


Yes me too. Currently I really enjoy sucking it up with Gouken… I am pretty weak with him, but he’s so badass and it feels like he has insane potential if I can ever learn how to link his shit together.

As far as the ones I am so bad with that I just don’t play them, probably Abel and Geif. I really like them both but I can never seem to do anything with them.


Quite a few, I love Abel, Dudley, Dictator, Juri, Dee Jay, Gen, and Vega, but I pretty much suck with them. Vega is the only one out of them I can play fairly well with, I can win matches with him, but I end up mostly losing due to the fact I can’t get out of pressure with Vega.


Not many people can, it’s a design aspect lol.


Yun and C.Viper, my god.

I also find it amazing that the character I feel the most comfortable using outside of Gief is Rufus, which helps in no way for counterpicking Sagat.


Love her design, moveset and combos. I suck with her when i need to get in and my vortex is nonexistent.
Can do most of her combos though like tsumuji loops an scj’s.

I’m used to bad walkspeed but she seriousely takes a certain kind of player to make her succeed, high risk high reward.
Really like how incredibly explosive she is, just gets that music in my head going when she’s going ham haha.
Her normals are amazing but like i said high risk and don’t really like that.

Love his moveset and the ridiculous pressure he can deal out, have been practicing with him alot lately and i actually feel pretty comfortable when applying pressure and frametraps.
Probably because i do it with Cody constantly.

I’m not that bad with Ibuki and Guy but not nearly as good as with Cody, which doesn’t mean much…lol.


I really wish I could use Seth, Dudley, Juri and Evil Ryu. They take too much skill, but all have so much potential because they have all the moves. Just require a player to master them and unleash that potential.



I’m a turtle at heart, but for some reason I suck with charge characters.