Characters vs play

How many people like using different characters and moves more?

How many people like infinite combos more and would wouldn’t give a rats as if they used Dan as god tier?

It varies from person to person obviously but in my opinion the characters that are the most fun to play are the ones who should be played. Depending on the game this may very easily overlap with god tier, especially in Marvel where you have the option to do a lot of things that lower tiers simply can’t do. Don’t get me wrong, I have the not god-tier Sim on my team of Sim, Sent, Cyke because he is the most fun character in Marvel for me, but aside from him very few characters have the amazing options god tier teams have the absolute control on air and ground, ability to maneuver at good speeds while still doling out good damage etc. In a lot of other games I will play as Dan, because although his options are shitty, they aren’t that much more limited than the rest of the cast, and he actually has some more in alpha 3. Just in Marvel playing as characters who can’t airdash, fly, and don’t have some unique fun thing to make up for it don’t feel like I’m really getting a fraction of the fun out of the marvel engine.

Weird question but I have A.D.D. when it comes to picking teams. For me I like to rotate through my many low tier teams and play who is fun at the moment. This week I am learning a bit of Rouge and Venom and next week who knows it could be Chun Li lol which ever way the marvel wind blows really. If shit gets serious I use my go to team of Hulk/IM/ and Doom but otherwise again whatever my mood is ex: keepaway, rushdown, chipping, gimmick team etc… I like to learn a little each time I play and it really helps me get a great working knowledge of all the characters which helps a ton on defense.

Either way its a game have fun and get better. Thats my ghetto motto lol

l can’t find anything more fun to play these days than thanos/hulk/ken… hehe

You gain the most skill by sticking with something whether it be high tier or low. Also you can’t just count infinites as the domain of the gods… while IM and magnus might have the most impressive ones… thanos bubble inf is great. I gb into hulks corner infinite whenever I get a kill and manage to execute… I land 2 or 3 reps of kens inf all the time (sometimes a few more) but a couple reps is paiiinful.

Infinites aren’t even that broken compared to shit like call mando + j.up/back + shoot with cable. At least infinites are not brain dead easy to execute.