Characters who can Tag in Strange for the FoF Loop



Nova, Chun-Li, Iron Fist, and She-Hulk can all tag into Doctor Strange with assistance of Spencer, but are there any other ways to tag into the FoF Loop?
Characters with Capture States like Tron Bonne can also easily transition into Doctor Stange, and Spencer can Transition into Strange via 7 Rings DHC, so are there any other characters who can do something Similar?

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The only other character i know who can tag into Strange and you didn’t pointed it out is MODOK. Nova has a corner combo that doesn’t require Spencer to tag into Strange.


So do you only want raw tag, or do you mean ways to do FoF loop while starting with a different point character? Because if it’s the latter there are many DHC’s that you can use to do FoF loop off of.

If it’s just raw tagging, then C. Viper can also crumple with EX TK with Spencer assist into Strange, Dante can raw tag after a well placed Acid Rain in the corner, Shuma Gorath can raw tag after doing eyeballs into air series and letting eyes OTG for Strange. Those are just off the top of my head but there are some others out there.




Both are valid. It’s more about getting Strange in there while starting a combo whose safer than Strange is.


Dormammu can raw tag Strange off launcher -> super jump cancel 2C1D.


I too am intrested in this. I play morridoom but want to rock strange anchor/2nd, but I have no ways of comboing/raw tagging into FoF loops currently.


I figure it a waste of meteralthough a decent option if you need it, but Ammy DHC into Strange 7 Rings can allow Strange to land a hit afterwards. I haven’t tested anything to the point of doing loops afterwards, but I know he can dash or teleportif full screen and go from there. For Ammy, only let the 1st part of her hyper hit, but time it so that after Strange does his hyper, the Ice Shards will strike the enemy down.

One thing I have not tested whatsoever with Ammy/Strange but got to work a couple times with Ammy/Hulk is: Ammy Slowdown active + “charged thunder edge or sword forward heavy series”, raw tag in hulk


Deadpool’s another one. Quick Work H in combos, teleport, tag, easier in the corner and in low hitstun, as I do a st.L to convert off the tag.

There’s also corner stuff of throw/overhead (tenboss tech), katanarama teleport M st.LMH Katanarama Chimichangas, but I haven’t been able to connect that on some hitboxes. Video link!


vergil can hardtag in strange using round trip, viper can do it the same way she-hulk can…


I’m trying to discover more ways as well. She-hulk can actually go into loops without spencer, I will show you how:

I know Trish and Dorm can with the help of assists and usage of meter


hey guys, I’m always trying to find new ways to FoF loop and I found one with Chris. Instead of DHC to rings, you can DHC to SoV as long as the opponent is grounded. With Spencer, this means off any hit you can combo your opponent into a grounded state to DHC into grenades. I will show you how:



aw yeah, thor can do it too now


another one, this time with TAC glitch


Damn, man, your tech just doesn’t stop.

Godlike stuff.


Not sure if this is here already but Dormmamu can

The combo I use builds about 2.5~ meters if you do 3 reps of flames (I think I used 2 2 3 last time I did it), haven’t tested to see how to optimize the loops after the tag in yet though.


holy shit, wesker can set up loops too

and magneto makes three!


yo check it, more FoF set ups:

Ghost Rider:



Hawkeye (already known?):


more to come? working on more characters as we speak, my goal is to find a way for all 50.

Also check out the SRK wiki page, I’ve been granted access to edit it so I’ve been keeping the Strange section as up to date as possible, but of course I’m only one person so if you have anything you know about that I missed, please let me know so i can add it.



Thanks to Pat728 in the Arthur forum. first combo is pretty viable once you get the timing down.


didn’t discover the set up, originally by Mike Schiller who shows how to tag in Zero. Same concept, applied to strange.