Characters with easy/few links?

i was running ryu + nina but didn’t like nina’s lack of a cross up, so i wanted to replace her. i’m new to fighting games and am getting frustrated with trying to time some hard links, so i was wondering if anyone had a character to recommend that has easy or few links.

i want to play an easy execution team to start out so i can get more used to the timings and then maybe switch to someone harder when i’m more comfortable.


Hardly any characters require fancy/hard links to be effective, but I suppose the easiest characters would be Rufus/Rolento/Kazuya/Hugo/Ryu etc

Rufus is a very good option in this game because he doesn’t have a 1 frame link bnb any more and has a lot of easy hit confirms into sizable damage from both close and far away. Rolento has 1 link that is pretty much around his gameplan which is stand lp./crouch lp. xx crouch mk but they aren’t really that hard to pull off. Hugo is also pretty easy in terms of execution compared to much of the cast in this game.

Asuka’s main combo can be done from her Tekken chains. The most important links for her are cr.:lk: into st.:lp:, and forward.:mp: (her overhead) into st.:lp:.

Nina has 3 crossups, they’re just not a generic, j.rh, and (my personal favorite) j.fp.

what the hell is a j.rh and j.fp?

Jump roundhouse (Hard kick) and Jump Fierce Punch (Hard Punch)

Really? I tried them and couldn’t get them to work. I’ll mess around with it some more.

Thanks for all of the input guys. I’ll get back to the lab when I get home. I love this game!

All the characters are easy except a select few such as Xiaoyu. And maybe a few moves such as EWGF for kazuya.