Characters with high comeback potential


What characters do you think have really good comeback potential? I know there’s Sentinel, Spencer, Phoenix and maybe Wesker. But are there any hidden gems out there that excel in the comeback department?


Tron and Hulk on X-factor are pretty much one-touch kills on anyone.


I would say Haggar but X-factor doesnt help him enough.You can still completely zone him when hes in XF,unlike Wesker who can get past zoning with a teleport into a one touch kill.

Haggar will kill you in 4 hits in lvl3 XF but his XF will probably have run out by the time he gets that one hit in.


Few characters aren’t one touch kills in XF.


Wesker, Spencer, Taskmaster, Wolverine, Chun, Sentinel, Dark Phoenix/Phoenix.


Anyone with reset game, tbh.


True, thats why I think you have to think about more then just X-Factor. A good comeback character has to have something more then that because all characters can use X-Factor and get big damage.


Anyone that cannot be zoned out and can get in without assists; preferably having good mixups ± teleport.

Agree with high reset potential as above^ but I’d consider that secondary; Re: Thor - massive damage & reset, but needs to get in.


I’d say Hulk’s XF is pretty crapping, XF3 by definition means you don’t have assists, and Hulk needs help getting in… unlike most of the cast, he doesn’t get any XF speed boost, so he’s really meh as your anchor, even if he does do huge damage.


X-Factor is the comeback potential, not the character. Any BnB combo from any character with X-Factor can turn the tide.


Ability to get in and mix up without an assist along with the damage to kill.

I’d say Wesker and Magneto for sure.


Morrigan makes one of the best anchors in the game IMO. She’s pretty scary when she’s sitting on XF3 and a lot of meter, as I’d say she has enough tools to compete in any 1-on-1 match-up in this game.

XF3 Astral Vision is too good. I comboed 17 Soul Fists in a row easily last time I busted that out. It’s hard to out-zone somebody who’s always on both sides of you and can move that fast in XF3.


Yea, you don’t even need to be all fancy with flight cancels to do this. Once someone knows how to do a qcf motion, they know how to lockdown someone with morrigan in xf3 with AV. She can basically kill someone in block like this because I think that they would be locked in blockstun for quite a bit. They can try to get a super with invincible frames to gtfo but that usually leaves them in a pretty bad spot. Plus its hilarious trying to see people play the game like some platformer trying to jump of each fireball and have another going the other way, with the occasionaly high fireball and flight canceled fireball to screw with them.


I agree with this. She becomes pretty stupid when sitting on a bar with level 3 x-factor. The game turns into fucking Super Mario Bros 3. Even without the level 3 x-factor, she has the tools to come back since she can get in without an assist.

I also think Dante has great comeback potential. He is Dante after all.


He has lots of tools to beat advanced guard so his rushdown can be insane in the right hands
Guard Cancel to Level 3 is godlike and always does at least 80% damage
Loop builds one meter and he has really easy 100% combos



Nuff said.


That, and sometime you don’t even need Guard Cancel to punish stuff, that thing has 4 frame startup! Also forgot to say Zero can Morrigan can lock down with fireballs with their fireballs.


akuma, lvl3 XF LMH xx L hurricane x8 kills even sent iirc. and lvl 3 XF LMH xx L hurricane, LMHS J.l, J.m, j.h, j.s land H demonflip (M), S J.LMHS does 1.5 k so it kills everyone. and the combo is stupid easy to do.

no experience with akuma means like 10 mins in training mode to figure it out… its just as easy as wolvies bnb.



anyone who can do massive chip or get in fairly easy so i would say

Sentinel (bastard)/Phoenix (bitch)/Zero/Wolvierine/Wesker/X23 (in the right hands)/Chun (bitch)/Viper (sismo pressure in lvl 3 is pretty good)/Morrigan/Akuma/Doom/Mags/Storm/Tron/Dorm (AKA King of Chip)


if you’re willing look and or feel like a douche you can spam amaterasu’s beads by either holding forward and repeatedly pressing B or you can spam cold star I’ve done it once took out two characters almost the third