Characters with reliable, grounded AA

I’m still waiting for my game to arrive (sigh.)

Due to how amazing jump attacks are in this game, and the huge damage, I’m going to make a focus of my gameplay to punish every single jump that I can. To this end I’m looking for characters with reliable, grounded AA, and good air-to-air attacks.

Without a game to test stuff on yet (sigh), I’d like to know if any of the characters that you guys have messed around with fill this role? I believe Hugo (ground to air throw) and Rolento (stand MP) would be 2 easy to identify candidates.

I can say some that are less than reliable

Shoto Dragon Punches can get beaten, surprisingly. Kne’s in paticular I’ve found it trading a lot, using mp gets the best results. You cant do them too early or too late.
Yoshimitsu, dont use anything besides dragon punch. Even then it has to be VERY early.

As for good ones, well I like Poison I believe? Its a quick whip-like move.

Poisons standing mp and cr. hp both work wonders, standing mp to stuff further out jump ins, cr. hp to stuff deeper jump ins.

For some reason crouching jab seems to stuff a lot of cross up attempts.

AA work is really situational in this game, its actually pretty awesome if you ask me.

Ogre has the best AA in the game with Ancient Power, and his Blazing Kick isn’t a bad AA either since the hitbox stays out for so long. His c.HK is pretty effective as well and you can dash cancel and get some extra damage.
I’ve been having a lot of success with King’s AA counter but it can be empty jumped if you are too predictable. His uf+mk is a pretty good AA as well in certain situations and the best part is it leads to big damage. Also Kings shoulder tackle has a hit of armor so that can be used as well and if it counterhits you get a wall bounce.

zangief lariat is very reliable and no trade offs, hell it even got buff from AE.

rufus and standing hp still work?

The Street Fighters have them.

The Tekken characters sort of have it, but they need to be spaced out for it. Most of them have nothing to cover the space above their heads.

It only has a hitbox on one side, though, doesn’t it? That will be a nerf for certain cross-ups.

guile’s cr.hp is looking pretty godlike so far. hei’s cr.hp didn’t look too shoddy either.

Does Ancient Power catch empty jumps?

Yes, very well.

Lili’s :df::hk: is a great anti-air. It beats most attacks and you can get a juggle afterward

Heihachi’s “Tatarigoroshi” or :b: :mp: is a great AA move that leads into a combo that does 298 meter-less damage.

ibuki B+mp is amazing… unfortunatey its one of the only good things about her at this time rolentos is good as well.

normals seem to be where its at when it comes to AA in this game.


Juri’s c.HP is a great anti air that leads into relatively easy 350 damage combos. So while the anti air itself is “ok” and does trade on occassion. When it doesn’t trade you get huge pay offs. works great.

To add stuff that weren’t mentioned- Hei’s c.HP (gouken’s AA) and Gief’s 360K hold

seems like cvs2 all over again

What bout Hwoarang’s Skyrocket aka 623+K? Looks useful to me.

it is but its honestly fairly slow(most of his moves seem slow tbh) I’ve found for him its best to jump and do lp mp, if you time it right you’ll usually beat most peoples air attack(done it plenty against air tatsumakis and akuma’s diagonal air kick) which is his trident attack and its honestly really fast. If its someone with an air attack that has no real opening, like say something juri might do then the rocket is the key but yeah its still slow in comparison to most people’s AA.

Abel’s looks really good from what I can see in videos.