Characters with the Easiest Combos

Yeah I know, I’m not proud of it, but I’m an oaf with my fingers. Which characters have the easiest combos?

Wolverine/Wesker/Ammy/Hulk/Ryu/Akuma/Deadpool/Ghost Rider/Dorm/Taskmaster/Hawkeye all have relativity simple and effective combos.


LMHS j.MMHS. Easy combo.

Thanks boss! I’ll try them out.

Yeah I know that lol. Problem is that I still want to play at a high level (eventually anywho). Combos like that don’t cut it for the most part.

Just pick whoever you like, find basic/effective combos and slowly work on execution as you get better.

It’s better to learn basics with the people you like instead of using Hulk or someone then having to go back a relearn everything when you finally find characters you actually want to play with.

I don’t play Ammy, but isn’t her main bnb just hitting C over and over again?

If you want to play the game at a high level, you’re going to be forced to put a lot of work into it anyhow.
Upping your execution to allow you basic combos would end up being one of the smaller parts, so you might as well just do that.

Orrrrr he could just play Wesker/xxx/xxx execution/hitting the lab constantly is not something that is needed to win in this game…sadly.

Derpsker, Derpverine, Derpassist

fuck this game



It is clearly not the same Sentinel. MvC2 Sentinel for DLC please. With pink spit unblockable and fly/unfly stomp patterns and refly combos and bigger cleats.

I like how Iron Man said damage minimal when he had 1% life left. Lol

It is in my opinion that this game isn’t about combos, it’s about creating opportunities. I’ve memorized dozens of great BnBs, but the biggest struggle is to find openings in which to execute those combos. Just check out all of the dozen “combo” videos on YouTube. How many of those do you see actually executed in actual casual or tournament matches? It’s funny because most people watch the streams and say “I can pull off that combo!” but what they are missing is that the people who play this game WELL, are masters are creating mix-ups and cross-ups and other opportunities for punishing whiffs. I think that is the element that most people are missing from their game.

Learning a simple BnB combo is a lot of fun, that’s probably what I like most about this game. But being able to execute a 75% Life combo when you have exactly two meters, are from mid-screen, and have to execute a tough combo isn’t the problem. It’s always landing that cruical first hit!

Dante says hi

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You can’t go wrong with Wesker. Just hold down the entire time.

Frank West have easy combo’s. Landing a hit with him in lvl.1 is a different story.


Good post; learning how to convert random hits into big combos is really difficult, but is an invaluable skill.


Ummm, are we talking about the same game? The game where you get enough time to make a coffee, come back, confirm, and finish your combo? It’s slightly harder than vanilla but that’s really not saying much at all.

Eh, maybe i’m biased because of my characters.