Characters with three tournament viable supers?

The only one that I can think of would be Ryu. A lot of characters have more than one depending on matchup or preference (Dudley, Makoto, Q, Oro) and a few characters have supers that simply overshadow the other two completely (Yun, Chun anyone?). Then there are those few that have more than one super that could be used but have other supers that are just too good. Take Ken, ever seen how much damage SAII does to Ibuki, the twins etc? It’s a whole fucking bunch, but by choosing that you lose the horizontal range, speed, and confirmability of SAIII, a trade off that’s not worth making.


Characters with three viable supers, is Ryu the only one? That’s what this boils down to I think. I’m just typing cuz I’m bored :confused:

I think Yang’s are all just as good, Hugos use all of them, Megaton against characters that jump a lot (Oro, Ibuki) and Makoto scrub uses SAIII so I guess we can add her to the list.

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Depends what you mean by “Tournament viable”. For example, I’d say Kens other supers are okay, they do a lot of damage, still easy to hit confirm, but they lose the range of Shippu and that makes them harder to connect…and Ken would be dramatically worse if he used them. But they’re okay. :smiley:

Just Ryu.

Sean kinda works… then again, tournament viable. Sean isn’t tournament viable, so it’s hard to say his SA’s are :sad:

KO is no scrub!

Yang SA1 is mad slow. There’s no real reason to use it over SA2.

The only character I’ve seen in serious tournaments with all of his 3 supers is Ryu.
Well I’d say Elena too since I saw her SA1 on the last SBO.

Necro, Makoto, Ibuki.

Others already have been said.


Yoroi Doushi is tournament worthy? I’ve seen DJ switch to SA3 before.

Yeah Dood uses Yoroi in tourneys. He’s fun like that. I used to use it when I first started playing 3S like 5 years ago but that was before I learned how Ibuki really played. Yoroi IMO is just an unnecessarily risky super for an already risky character.

SA1 and SA3 are both viable for different reasons. SA3 allows her options that she simply doesn’t have with SA1. Such as punishing shoto sweeps from a range and allowing an untechable knockdown and decent damage off of normals like s.MP and f+MK. Just makes her poking game that much stronger. The super would have been a bit stronger if you could hold more than one bar though. Only having one bar forces you to be that much better at your basic tools with Ibuki.

The way I see it…any super is tournament viable. As far as being able to win a match or more in a tournament. There’s probably things with just about every underused super that people aren’t aware of or just haven’t really put to use (especially in the US). Yet…in tournaments it all comes down to which super has the best options and overall puts you in the best situation to win. Especially when it comes to the top 3…there’s a clear choice for each one of them. As you get into the mid tier of characters you have characters like Yang or Oro that have supers that are situationally better against certain characters. Yet…Oro’s Tengu Stone clearly is the stronger super in most matchups and the amount of times Yang can c.MK into EX slashes with SA2 makes it used more often overall than his other supers.

Yeah Ryu is the first that comes to mind with 3 viable supers bu Yang SA1 does good damage and it’s ok for random wakeup super i think :lovin:, it’s + on block so yeah the other 2 SA are better but u can still use the first one and i think i’ve seen some footage from TGA SBO qualifier with some SA1 yang in and also some jap madness with it, forgot where.


Sourai Rengeki is like mediocre at best even with all the ways you can combo into it.

And You Hou? No comment since I dont use it.

shame noone has mentioned sean yet :frowning:

“Tournament viable” and “Sean” don’t go together.

Yun’s SA2 is very good. 3 bars? That’s a shitload of EX and at least 2 hit confirmable supers opportunities.

Yeah…Yun’s SA2 is pretty good. It’s just sadly…Genei Jin is still that much better. Crazy …I know.

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your sean isnt tournament viable.:mad: