Characters with three tournament viable supers?

all of dudley’s supers are pretty good.

i mean yeah ex machine gun blow is really good but at least rolling thunder isn’t trash, it combos off a lot of stuff his other supers dont.

seriously…oxymoron ppl. :looney:


And the distance/ reach of it is pretty good too.

chunli sa3 is a bit awful against shotos , never jumpin shotos. Its ok for yuns etc . 3 quick stocks. Doesnt do much damage though.

Sean has 3 tournament handy supers.

However, only 1 colour…if you believe

You’re so awesome.

I was just thinking of this the other day actually. Yes, I think Ryu is the only character who’s SA is completely player preference. I’m partial to Denjin…


I like how Alex says you cant escape, when his supers are really easy to escape form.

i am drunk bu t seriously SA2 wirh udlaye is soo oshittty…

fuck as2 and all the supers alonged with it.!!1

god damnirt sa23 ia so bad it aint even funny

Yes you are. :rofl::rofl:

Akuma has sa1, kkz, and RD :lovin:

hahaha solid point my friend.
Akuma not only has three viable ones - he packs them all in one match :smiley:

who seriously uses oros sa1, i mean seriously like competition.

Hopefully nobody.

It’s not ‘that’ bad. It’s Q’s total destruction except faster and usable in the air. If you use it after a knockdown, you can set-up some nasty shit. Problem is that tengu serves the same function and has a lot more utility.

If you think about it, all three of Urien’s supers are good. It’s just Urien actually has offensive options with Aegis.

yea uriens sa2 is great but retardedly hard 2 pull off…but i still favor it more than aegis just cause i suck at the aegis setup and charge buffering and partioning(this 1 especially).

Ryu denjin is the only super u need 2 know…but thats up 2 personal taste…and i enjoy fucking around with Oro sa1 but not in tounament unless i know im gonna lose 4 sure (fuckin smoothcat chun)

Aegis is not hard to set up at all. Don’t worry about unblockables and all that. Just get them to the corner and throw out an Aegis.