Characters you don't like to play but somehow are decent with

Are there any characters you don’t care for but when you do play them you just sort of understand what to do naturally? For instance, I don’t care for Bison(heck I’m not a fan of playing any charge characters for that matter) yet he is a character that just “works” for me. I understand how to space his moves and how and when to apply pressure with him at a decent level despite inexperience with him.

Are there any characters like that for you? Someone you don’t play but just clicks with you?

Ryu and Ken, obviously.

Sagat, and all day

ken, boring as hell but gets wins
have to use him as last resort to beat that serious guy with 15 wins in endless matches

Anyone with a dp and decent walk speed. And balrog.

Ken and Bison. I just “get” how to play them, but I hate doing it. I never seem to have fun with either character, although I win consistently with both.

Grapple characters.


balrog - i hate everything about him, his derp jap and easy footsies, heck even his arrogant persona gets on my tits but i get wins with him.

no way i will ever use him srsly tho.


This thread smells like Balrog.

The Twins. With some time and commitment, I could be doing all those genei-jin combos and damaging bnbs, but I don’t care for the characters in this game.

Also, Sakura and Dictator.

also balrog. but i like him

For me its Vega ( claw ) and Blanka, Probably because of my CVS2 past, they play the same in every game, Pokes mix ups and gimmicks, I dont really practice with them but Ive pulled them out on occasion in tourney and did well.

I’m in the same boat as the op.

Proabably Ryu, Ken, Balrog, somewhat Dudley, sometimes El F if It’s a good day, surprisingly ok with Zangief, and Sagat.
Although Im not really GOOD in comparison to characters I really use a lot. But I can definately use and often win with the above.

I fucking suck with the majority of the cast.

Anyone I can play halfway decently I enjoy playing as…

There’s not much to understand about bison’s gameplay, so that’s why it’s not surprising that a lot of people find themselves comfortable when using the character.
Anyway, I find myself decent with Honda, put probably cause, like bison, his overall gameplan is pretty obvious.

Any charge character in SF4…easy wins, no effort required.