Characters you hate the most?



So I hate Peacock. Alot. I don’t wannna feel like I’m the only one out there who feels this way. Who do you hate?


This will definitely be a productive topic. Yeeeeep.

That said, I hate, hate HATE Double. She’s so dumb!


I don’t really hate any character yet in SG.
I do hate Eddie from GG, though. That character makes me want to pull my hair out.


Better than patch threads?


I really don’t hate anyone in SG, characters are too “unhateable”. I even like the hard to counter tactics, because it is fun trying to come up with creative counters for them.


Ms. Fortune and Parasoul give me headaches with their pressure (and subsequent combos).


Fighting style: I dislike painwheel. The flight mechanic and the fact she’s a somewhat slow heavy hitting character doesn’t mesh with my own style too well.

As a character: Maybe cerebella? I dunno, I usually like the “tool for a larger cause” character, but maybe because she is so unquestioning.


Same. Painwheel is slow hitting, has a crap dash, and bad blockbusters imo. She’s D tier to me.


i hate that circus girl and that flying girl and the hair girl and the blobby girl and the catgirl and the tall girl and the short girl and the nurse girl.

i like the girl in the middle though…

eh? are you even playing the same game as everyone else?


I hate them all.


Random select is top tier! =O


Double. Her frame data is such a mess to follow. And once I see the Double-soul pistol shot I know that damn clown car is coming at me.


I hate Double and she’s my favorite character to use.

I hate Peacock online because my lag is never green, so the Peacocks I play can’t play and I can’t play against them and the match looks like crap.

I hate PW because I really wanted to use her but she’s not my style so I don’t.

I hate Cerebella in every way that doesn’t relate to gameplay. Vice Versa is okay I guess, but he sucks for being friends with Cerebella, a lot. Why exactly is she the only one who can use him anyway? I see no reason for it whatsoever.


Today was my first day online, and I couldn’t find a ranked match. I waited and waited for people to fight in unranked rooms. And in that waiting ghost-town I realized I love all of them, as long as Valentine and I can operate on them with impunity. DLC should bring in Ryu with a blonde wig and replace Double, she’s balls.


youre talking about ken right?


If we’re really talking about hating characters, I hate them all equally. Each character has their own gimmicks that annoy me, even the characters I play. Whether it be the major guesswork from filia, headless fortune + dp, parasoul’s long combos, bella’s damage output, peacock’s zoning, valentine crossup’s + resets, painwheel’s flight, or double (nuff said). I hate and love them all equally. Just makes me more excited to really see how their styles will change ever so slightly when the patch finally arrives.


Called it.


Hard to choose a hated character for me, but hmmmm…
I would have to say Valentine (gameplay-wise) because of her amazing crossups. I keep getting caught in her grabs and those very good Valentines have super long combos that kills me! :x
I never faced a anyone who used Double , other than CPU, so I have no complaints (yet).


I hate Parasoul and Double.

But really, I just hate Girlystyle.


I think it’s a matter of time before Ms. Fortune makes me thow my controller at the Tv