Characters you hate the most?



Bella is climbing my hate-list. My mid-rangey poke bullshit doesn’t go over at all with her. However I always laugh when she slaps around Valentine’s boobs.


I only Hate this character : [details=Spoiler]

, yes , I like ryu SFII but I hate “Ryu 2.5” [/details]


when i first saw this it truly made me realize that capcom has made a homeless man the main character of almost all street fighter titles lmao


He means make ryu look like a girl. Which would be hilarious.


I think they are all pretty neat :slight_smile:


i know that i was making a joke.


I hate Squigly, Umbrella, and every other character that isn’t in the game yet.


I hate Bigband so much I pop a rage boner.


I hate the fact that Panzerfaust is going to be voiced by Mike Z and I can’t play as him yet.


I love double. Honestly all the skullgirls are awesome <3.


This is a hate thread get outta here with that love bull$***

I hate Marie because I know she wont be as OP when she is a playable character :frowning:


Probably would have to pick Double or Peacock.

And then sometimes people use them together as a team… shudders


Fine with double. Fine with Peacock. Honestly I think I hate ms fortune the most. I play a very reset heavy valentine. However (and I tested this out in training) ms. Fortune can mash qcf pp/kk whenever she has meter and I have to second every reset I attempt. Even worse when she has three meter. She can mash qcb pp and get a teleport out of pressure with her reset insurance. My resets work on every other mashing character but fortune. I can always just not reset when I face fortune but it makes the game less fun for me.

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I, for one, don’t want to be fighting ridiculous-difficulty level Marie’s every time I hop online. It’d be like a permanent Gradius-super double, there’d be no way to win ever.


If she has less than 3 bars do a cross up reset. They can still super out but at least they have to correctly guess the side.


I don’t hate anyone but Double irks me when no one else in the game does.

Some of the stuff Painwheel can do makes me laugh though.


no one seems to hate filia…does that mean she is the most balanced character in the game? o.0


I don’t hate playing against Double’s butt, but I get immensely bored of it after 5 matches.

I think Double has stupid stuff now while I’m playing her, but post-patch I think all my hate will be replaced with hype. Though I wish the level 3 was useful for something more than just a finisher, as no OTG AND reduced damage is poopoo.


It means that none of the posters had his ass given to him/her by Filia.