Characters you like and hate


What characters do you like, but hate seeing them?
Mine are Ryu, Ken, and Akuma. Seriously, I’ve been playing for an hour and all I’ve seen are variations of those three, with the occasional other fighter. But no, every game tonight has had at least one of the three, if not two of them. -.-’


I like seeing Ryu and Ken because these are some of the matchups I’m most familiar with. Because often enough I’ll play an hour only to see the most common teams and then some guy comes along with an obscure character like Bob and completely destroys me because I haven’t had any practice against them. Also, a lot of new players pick Ryu/Ken and so if I see them at least I’ll know the odds will be equal or in my favor.

I hate seeing Kazuya and Heihachi because I still haven’t figured out how to block those damn high/low strings.


fuck guile, fuck hugo, fuck rolento.
i respect tekken characters.


Pretty much the Tekken cast minus Kaz who I like to go against.

Guile, Chun & Vega are the characters I struggle against atm.


I hate Hugo. He’s so big that I can’t perceive if he’s crouching or standing. Most of his attacks are ambiguous too.

Whenever I see that Hugo will be my opponent in rank, my first thought is always “Oh crap. Seems to be I’ll be losing points today. :/”

Tekken guys are too unpredictable that my matches with them usually doesn’t end well. Maybe because I’m not familiar with the Tekken games. :frowning:

In terms of personality, I think I’ll be disliking JIn as he became a total asshole after Tekken 5. Regardless of his intentions, I don’t think murdering people and causing a war will be a good thing to do just to remove your Devil Gene.


I get annoyed when 95% of my matches include Ryu/Ken/Kazuya.


Same story, I hate the shotos. 50+ characters in the Goddamn game and people still want to uppercut, full screen tatsu and jump back fierce every 5 seconds.It’s not that I struggle against them, it’s that I’m over fighting them. I put up with it in Turbo, 3S, SFIV and now in SFxT.

Hating the Cody matchup, Apparently criminal upper is only -5/-8 on block, but it pushes you back so far you can’t get a st.lp in for the punish, Only thing I’ve been able to punish it with is Lei’s super.

I enjoy Law mirror matches, I often feel like I have the upper hand knowing what is and isn’t safe on block. Really liking Law or Lei vs Lars matchup, feels pretty even, but gun to my head I’d say Law comes out on top.
I’d enjoy Lei mirrors… If there were any Lei’s online in my area. :frowning:

Edit: Also hate Hwoarang. No particular reason other than my incredible burning hatred for that smug little bastard’s face.


I love seeing Juri, but I hate seeing her played poorly… does that count? D:

Also, vega can die in a fire >.>


I agree with the sentiment that endless shotos can get repetitive, but most of the time they are easy to beat.

I hate Vega, Chun, and Elena. I have no idea what they want to do lol.
I also hate playing M. Bison when its really lame, and Juri who jump and dive kick. When those characters are played well its pretty fun to play them.

The character I like playing against the most is Sim. Idk why but playing against him with any of my characters is the most fun matchup for me. Especially if the opponent know what they’re doing.


And while I love Heihachi in the Tekken games, he’s so goddamn boring in this game.
Everytime the same combo over and over again.


Guile can go dick himself, I hate his face, but at the same time part of me actually wants to play him. But I don’t really like playing charge characters D=


Characters I hate:
Zangief, Ken, Juri, Hugo, Vega, Zangief, Dhalism, Guile, Jin, Zangief, Rufus, Rolento, Zangief Sagat, Blanka, Cody, and Zangief.

Character I Like:
King, Ryu, Abel, Akuma, Hwoarang, Kazuya, Alisa, Dudly, Ibuki, Lie, Lili, Bryan, Julia, Steve, and Sakura****


Hey Menen you don’t hate zangief do you? Lmao
Anyway Hugo, Elena, and Cody can eat a bag of dicks.
I developed an unnatural hate for Elena during third strike.


That#s penta-hate for Zangief… well deserved if you ask me ~~

Yeah and guile, screw that guy


Yes zangief and sagat make me mad because they are brainless =[.


Hate: Hwoarang

He was my favorite Tekken character, but this game turned him into a bitch.


Blanka and sim make me rage really hard.


Characters I hate
Hugo, Juri, Rolento, Jin, Ken, Ibuki, Zangief, Dhalsim, Chun, JACK THE FUCKER, Bison, Cody, Cammy

Characters I like
Sakura, Asuka, Lili, Poison, Steve, Ryu, Alisa, Bob, Christie, Guy, King, Xiaoyu, Lei, KUMA, Julia, Elena,


Just wanted to ask, have you seen the frame data Doc? I think it could help you figure our their mixups.


Must be talking about his divekick. He looks like a cheerleader putting his arms up and palms out.

Some people are misinterpreting the OP. It’s not characters you hate; it’s characters you like, but hate to see in action for whatever reason.

For example, Poison is interesting to see, but some people just use her for chains and pressure. They don’y bother to use her grabs or overhead to stop people from blocking.

Hugo is dangerous in the right hands, but half the people who use him can’t even do a 360, at least not without jumping. I’m not afraid of Hugo players cause I know they won’t(can’t) throw me if I block. They just charge for armored clothesline or jump at me with down fierce and I anti-air them.

Jin has a decent zoning game, so when I see him taking damage trying to approach, I smh. Also his launcher looks stupid; a two hit move that launches on the first hit. Hate it when I get hit by that move.

King players who let people crouch block and jump in on him all day because he’s too busy trying to do knee > knee > >knee > powerbomb.

Cammy is another character that people use for chains xx launcher. I guess when you get decent damage without meter, why not?