Characters you like vs the Character that Wins


Okay, so main a lower tiered character in MvC3. Against most of the locals there’s a large enough gap between myself and them where I’m actually “allowed” to play who I’m playing. When I don’t do well in tournaments I usually tell myself that I need to just improve my game and things will eventually change. I also bring up that some characters just take longer to develop. I think about 3rd Strike’s Makoto. I brought that up to two high profile players I was hangin out with yesterday. One of them brought p some I never factored though. In the case of Makoto, all her growth was before the age of youtube where info is more accessible. He even goes as far as playin my team, and points out the problems. The real problem (if you can evn call it that) is I typically just play whever I like and MAKE it work. I don’t think that’s gonna happen this time, but if I stop trying then the character will never progress. I dunno, I was holding out more hope because Capcom’s talk about how playable even the bad characters are supposed to be and the game hasn’t been out for a year yet. Opinions?


As long as you aren’t play Captain America or Hsien-ko in this game you can probably win with enough work and good team synergy.


^This. If the characters you like don’t mesh well together then they will probably never work unless you’re playing people that don’t know what they’re doing. If were too play a team that had my three favorite characters, Spiderman - Ironman - Ryu, it wouldn’t work well if at all. (There is a very minutiae amount of synergy but it is a terrible team IMO) However I am willing to make a compromise here, as Spiderman is by far and away my favorite character to use, and focus more on building a team to support him.

If your favorite characters happen to be top tier well then, you’re lucky haha, I find with this game you can throw a team of any top tier characters together and have instant synergy (This pisses me off a little :P)

I tend to gravitate towards the mid-tier though as I find characters with some flaws that require a bit more thinking a lot more fun to play.

This may be an extreme example but look at Kuroda in 3S, he beasted with Q, a character that, afaik, was considered to be worthless.


I would say that you can use whomever you want, unless you are trying to “go pro”. Once you make that decision you are stuck learning the core characters that make up the current tournament scene. Yes, progress will be made with lesser known characters every now-and-then with which the tourney-viable cast will expand and maybe you’ll be the one to make the shift. But, from what I’ve seen, tourney teams are comprised of the same core group of characters. Argue all you want about maverick teams… once said players looses a match with an unconventional team, he/she will always go back to a team comprised of Wesker, Zero, Tron, Mag, Wolvie, etc., or whatever you can get an unblockable set up with.

You will need to be proficient will all of those characters and it will entail a lot of work. I’m not trying to detract from any tourney player as they are obviously incredibly good as they are in said tourney. But if you want to win you will need to fight fire with fire, so to speak.

On a personal note, I find it shitty that so much of the cast is on the losing end of a lot of match ups. The "complete"ness of some characters is retarded when compared to others. And, admittedly, this may be because of the time put in to the top tiered characters by top tier players that they have shown more of what they can do. Still, I’m a big proponent of parity and if Wesker can OTG himself into an second-wind combo without an assist, than everybody should (I think of Hulk in this situation as he can OTG, but do nothing other than Super after unless he uses an assist).


As far as the synergy, I understand very well. I’m an old MvC2 player. Repped Strider/Doom against the world, lol. This is the first time I’m just looking at it in the bigger picture and a character I like doesn’t have much. When I win it’s great but if every character in the game was a greyed out stick figure and the was no sound or anything with real “character” to look at/for. There really isn’t much reason to play him (Thor). But then this morning the front page has a guy beastin with Modok…MODOK. I think what it’ll end up coming to is having a casual team and a tourney team. They say they’re working on another Vs game for next year. Hopefully someone in the room sees fit to give Thor a normal with super armor or speed him up. Getting Strider back would be a plus too, jussayin.


Well I know his fully charged mighty strikes have super armor and are projectile invincible so I feel a lot of interesting techniques will come out of that eventually. Tool wise so far he seems like a weak Sentinel but we’ll see what happens when more is figured out about him. He definitely has way more potential for mix up and pressure than Sentinel it’s just Sentinel can protect himself from getting hit better.

I mean this is a team based game any ways and everyone has some cheap ass shit. You just gotta find what’s cheap with the character you use and stick with it until it works. You could have Thor teamed up with 2 bad ass high tiers and that team would still be a legit problem for anyone.


Well I wasn’t going to go into specifics too much, otherwise this would belong in the Thor thread. What I will say is I think they were worried about making a high health character too versitile. I don’t think he’s horrible but do see him not getting much better then he is now. We’ll see, just felt like I got caught in an intervention about my character and I didn’t have anything to say back, lol


Rematch my Spidey tomorrow J.

I’ll see if I can find some holes in your game. I’m pretty good at finding flaws (well except my own) and hopefully we can make some adjustments. I think you have a good Thor, just you don’t have the same experience as someone like Josh or perhaps your team doesn’t have really good synergy like 10Stars.


gives daps See you at bodyshop…


The problem is that the characters I like are in that core group of characters, lol. Love me some team DAM



Well that’s the thing about games. You can make anything work. Unless there is just something that is so bad, it might as well not be in the game. You put in the time and effort and you get the results. In SSFIV, Hakan is a bad character, he’s pretty damn bad. But he’s not unusable. There are those who have taken the time to develop his game and they are good players.

I can’t say for sure because I’m not a great player, but for some reason I unintentionally tier whore in every game. I use Wesker, Doom, Taskmaster. Doom’s pretty good, the other 2 are the best 2 in the game IMO. I use Rog in SSFIV who’s pretty good. MK I use Raiden, Smoke, and a lil bit of Johnny Cage and Liu Kang. I don’t know, I always happen to like the characters who happen to be the best.


That’s cool. None of what I mentioned is meant to deter anyone from doing whatever they’re already doing. If I end up playin MK9 I’m gonna be using Kung Lao, I don’t care if he’s broken or not, just is what it is. I guess the thread goes more for people who accidentally become “low tier heroes” or “tier whores”…


I come out in the lucky position because not having a definite character to play before the game came out I played people until I found those who are the most fun to play. I stumbled upon Viper and IMO she’s the second best character in the game whereas people won’t call me a tier whore yet because they don’t realize Viper tech even exists Until I invented the Viperball the only things people knew about her were flashy Marlinpie things unless they played the character. So that’s another question, if you pioneer a character and they end up being one of the best if not the best in the game what does that mean?


Yeah. My friend and I are like the opposite. We both pick who we like in fighting games. For some reason, I pick the good ones he picks the bad, or not as good ones. In marvel he uses Joe and Deadpool, but Tron too. MK he uses Noob. SSFIV he uses Dan.

I personally think you should do what makes you have fun. If picking who you think is gonna win is fun, do it. Or if you wanna pick the character looks the coolest, do that. At the end of the day, you should have fun.


Being the guy who pioneers a character is something I think everyone wants. So basically…it makes you the man. As for the fun aspect of character selection, maye it’s because I draw but I usually look at the character design first if I can’t see a video of the character and decide there. Otherwise I see a match and look for a style the looks interesting. I thought El Fuerte looked dumb, but when I saw him in motion I wanted to use him afterwards, same with Johnny in Guilty Gear. So things are kinda weird for me sometimes.


Haha, this brings me back to when we first joined SRK and like every other post would be “Oh yeah thats like my friend who blah blah blah” :slight_smile:

I agree, I just play whoever I like. Low tier, high tier, who gives a fuck. My fav characters in this game are Joe Deadpool tron Cap America Hsien Ko Morrigan Akuma…i just play whoever I like. Of course I try to win too, but you gotta have fun with it man!!


I’ve always been a bit of a low tier hero…

I rep Fuerte in sf4 Haggar and Chris in mvc3, Taskmaster ended up bein nice so hey.

But I just said screw it and stick with them.

I only got mvc3 because of Haggar. so I’m stuck with him


People like me and DevilJin and sakeido and Faith From Hell are all pushing X-23 pretty hard, you’ve got players with more visibility like Tatsu and 10stars out there taking names with X-23, but it’s an uphill struggle. We all believe in her potential but it’s going to take someone with real high visibility to really demonstrate to everyone how good she can be. Sort of like what Combofiend did for Spencer.


I go through this struggle pretty much every night.

5pm - the last hour at work i start daydreaming about being really good with various low-tier characters. Like if I spend enough time, I’ll discover something amazing that might revolutionize the tier list.

6pm - get home from work. Start practicing with a new low tier team in training mode. Figure out some interesting combos / setups that i think might work. Then I turn on fight request and wait for a challenger.

6:30pm - Get into a player match and pick my new team full of potential.

6:31pm - Forget what to do, freeze up, drop all my combos, and get completely annihilated.

6:32pm - Go back to playing She-Hulk / Task / Tron and mashing on A2


I run the same team as you, wow. :slight_smile: I would love to play some mirror matches with you to pick up some tricks :stuck_out_tongue: