Characters you love or hate to watch

I HATE watching Ken, chun Li, Yun, Urien and even Dudley to a certain degree

I like seeing Ryu and Akuma play

If other chars are used against the 4 I hate I will watch BUT if any other char is used BUT if any of the 4 chars are playing aginst each other then I will fast forward until the next match is played.

What about any of u guys

i like watching dudley, because i use him. i like watching any non top tier character beast though. I just like watching 2 good people play period, truthfully.

I like watching certain players rather than any specific character. Ones that stand out to me are Thanatos’ Oro (especially if you get to hear him) and Sugiyama’s Necro. However, I do like to watch any 12’s (Chik, Moto, Yama are exceptional but watching any 12 doing decent is worth a watch). Urien makes it interesting though, with his partitions (others have partitions also, but Urien’s juggles and Aegis are too good).

In general, I get tired of watching Chun-Li and Yun… everyone else is enjoyable to watch – at mid to high level of play, that is.

I don’t understand how you wouldn’t be able to watch Urien play. The degree of timing a high level player uses with partitioning is tremendous. Yun is another player whom I’d say requires a great deal of timing and skill to use.

Mediocre kens I find annoying to watch but again, as stated above, good kens require a fair amount of timing to get the harder links in. If kara-shoryukening was common on high level kens, it’d be just as fun as the first two. Chun I have no argument on her matches being boring to watch :confused:

I hate watching Hugo fight. I’ve always hated watching grapplers fight.

I enjoy watching Kens, maybe because I play him.

Makoto is fun to watch. Especially crazy ones . Looks like they are doing totally random shit but it all works out. Good stuff. The only matches I really can’t stand to watch is Chun vs Chun. But Im not sure if anybody is a fan of those.

yun mirror matches not just because i play yun but theres no reason to run away its all agression

I hate watching Chun vs Chun, and anything with Ken.
I love watching Makoto, Ibuki, Twelve and Sean.

Chun vs Chun can be ok if it gets tight, and they’re both good… but if it’s just them building meter and then whiffing low forwards hoping to get a hit, it can get a bit silly IMO.

Yun rapings are cool, but after I watch him run through everyone with genei jin i can’t help but loathe the cheap bastard. :slight_smile:

Watching low tiers own in ANY game is good… and a wild Ibuki is a sight for sore eyes.

hmm…I agree w/ m00b…I think it depends on the player…I can watch koshun and ohnuki play chun all day…I saw KO get a 20+ win streak with Dudley and never got tired of watching it…same with YSB and Hayao…Kuroda…etc…depends on who’s playing…cuz the players can make the 3s characters exciting to watch

umm…as for the yun/yun mirror match…I came across a very recent vid between KO vs. Zako…I saw Zako play Yun on earlier A-Cho vids and thought his style was really weird…I was pretty excited to see how he’d stack up against KO


i love it when hugo beasts and uriens matchs are always good i like to see Q beast too…screw chun and yun kens kool sometimes

They only thing I hate are mirror matches, no matter the character.

Watching Alex is the best.


koshun makes Chun fun to watch. Nuki is great just 'cuz.

another example about the player determining the fun factor in watching matches, i’m a Dudley player but i don’t like watching Danna play.

i like watching any Japanese Ken kick ass, especially Daigo, KFG and Spell J among others.

i only like 2 Ryu players: Frankie3s and Namijin

Necro, same: Sugiyama and AB7

i hate watching any match with Remy in it. same with Oro.

Yun = meh

oh. i also like Roshihikari’s Yang, Match’s Akuma and J’s Makoto :tup:.


I’m a fan of Chun vs. Chun matches. It gives me time to nap.

I hate watching chun and twelve. chun cuz it’s boring, actually 99% of the chun players are cmk turtle spammer and makes u sleep and twelve cuz he really sux big time. :sad:
I like ryu, dudley and ibuki matches, KSK’s Alex is also really fun to watch. :tup:

after evo i’m a fan of mov’s chun he has style

i like to watch aruka’s ibuki (too good), any good alex player (looking forward to see Zangeof), good urien players (crazy charge partition is always good to watch), crazy akumas and ab7’s necro. id rather watch any ryu over ken.

remy vs remy is boring as fuck.