Characters you miss


What characters from forgotten fighting games you miss and you’d like to play again with in new games?

My first:

This guy is THE MAN. Air Super Baseballs and Super Bat strike FTW! Oh, and DAT VOICE!

My second:

Well, believe it or not:

Mother-flipping “Shark-shooting Guile”. This guy is badass, and had prettiest projectiles ever.

What characters do YOU miss?


I miss Servbot a lot

because his hurtbox is really small.


Not exactly forgotten games but, Birdie and Eagle, both from SF1, are characters I feel are criminally under-represented in the Capcom repertoire. Eagle is the original gentleman fighter and Birdie? “Go to heaven!”. Reason enough. Reason enough.


The entire US Sports Team. Every KoF it’s the same story, I just want them to be in one more game before SNK goes bankrupt.


Most of all, this guy: Midknight from Eternal Champions.

For purely superficial reasons, honestly. A British scientist bio-vampire who uses Jeet Kune Do, and his stage is a war-torn village in Vietnam. The 90s could be so bad and so good at the same time. I never actually played Eternal Champions that much: the copy I had belonged to a family friend, and the Super Street Fighter II cartridge was always bound to get more attention. I don’t remember it being that great of a game, but it had some eye-catching character designs, and Midknight is the one who stuck out the most to me.

I was just thinking about these two guys earlier today. Maybe it’s because I was thinking about Charlie again… ;_;
I am getting a copy of Street Fighter Collection for PS1 soon (including the second disc with Alpha 2 Gold), so I might give Birdie a go, because I’ve always kind of ignored him in the past. I’m normally just a Guy guy.


He’s not forgotten by any means but damn I miss Q.


Cheng Sinzan from Fatal Fury.

His moveset is just really silly with the way he animates, but it can be quite effective, particularly in Fatal Fury 2 where he debuted. I guess you could say he’s mainly a zoning type character, but he can also put on the pressure with his high flying fireball, his sweep which he can sort of feint cancel out of, along with his rolling attack that hits low, plus the Sneeze which has an odd amount of both high and lower body invincibility frames and also hits low. If you perform his Super Desperation Move low enough to the ground, it turns into an aerial low (as seen in the video above) and it becomes possible to combo after it. His Rolling Attack is also a really good Breakshot, making it difficult to open up a defensive Cheng.

His theme is pretty good too.


Seung Mina, Zasalamel, Taki, Li Long. Fuck you Namco.

Lord Raptor, John Talbain, Donovan, Hsien Ko (y’know, a good one), Captain Commando, Venom, Gambit, Cable, Psylocke, Sabretooth.

Akira, Natsu, Chair Person and many others from Rival Schools.


What if I didn’t miss characters but instead, characters missed me :smokin:


Fuck you


Entire SF ex cast

Birdie from Apha series. He was different grappler

Victor from DarkStalkers. Same as Birdie

Rubyheart, SonSon, Amigo from VS series. Fun characters

Roy, Mewtwo from Smash bros. Prefer their design over their counterpart. clone

Geralt, Bilstien, Rain from Plasma Sword/star gladiator. Fencing character are pretty rare in fighters. Bilstien and rain are just iconic of the series

Entire cast from powerstone, but mostly Julia from power stone 2. Julia is as rare as they get.

Yuki, Kagami from Last blade/ last bakamastumaru. Besides teh fact the series is underrated. I was surprise how Yuki nor Kagami haven’t appear as their both very important character to the series.

Amano Mishio from eternal fighter zero. Really interesting game play with elements. Also just love spear wielding characters.

Chronos from bloody roar. He was just over all unique. ballerina fighter that could transform to something adorable and than to something fearsome. I was hoping if bloody roar series continue they would incorporate more hybrid beast transformation.

Honorable mentioning to Shin goukestu cast. Especially the twins. We need more old lady characters. and not BS character who look young but live for long time.(looking at you Rachel Alucard)


chris from kof


Anybody from before 1999, when character design was at its pinnacle


Chronos is my #1 fighting game character ever, the only reason I don’t miss him is because I played the shit out of him in GameCube ha ha.


Pretty much the entire cast of Samurai Shodown.



I miss Ryu.



Red Earth characters, especially Hauzer… I really was hoping he would be in MvC3, but alas he twas not.


To be honest, I don’t really miss anyone ._.
I don’t like the SF EX games at all, and I don’t care most characters never showed up again.
From the Alpha series, I don’t really care about anyone that is not already on SF4, except by Rolento, but he’s back anyway…
From SF2… well
From Marvel, well, I guess I could say I miss the games, since it’s now dead lol
Other from Capcom Games, I’m not realy attached to any characters that are not the main protagonists or characters that always come back…

Oh yeah, about smash brothers… nope, don’t miss anyone. Megaman, Greninja and Little Mac are going to kick some serious ass. They made me forget about every other character in the game lol

Well, looks like I’m a shallow minded fucker that only cares about the main characters hahaha