Charge Basics - Help!

Hey guys, I’ve been playing street fighter with a joystick for a while now and have been using characters such as Ryu, Ken, Hakan all because they do not involve any charge moves in their special attacks. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could show me how to perform characters such as Guile’s special moves (i.e Sonic boom, Flash kick) and how to execute them on a joystick. I have tried looking at the commands and tried making sense of them myself but no luck. :frowning: If you know of a video of the basics - a link would help as well.

Thanks again.

sonic boom is hold back for about 2 seconds, then forward and punch

flash kick is hold down for about 2 seconds, then up and kick

Hold back for 2 seconds then hit forward-punch for Sonic boom
Hold down for 2 seconds then hit up-kick for flashkick.

To charge while blocking low, hold down-back, from this you can go up or forward with a punch or a kick depending on if you want flash kick or booms.
Though be wary of overheads when doing this because people can jump in and hit you while crouch blocking.

EDIT: Wait, you’re in Wales? Awesome!

Like these guys have said ^

On top of that, you can charge downwards for some moves and charge backwards for others, that way you can use a flash kick (by going from down+back to up+back) and then after that has finished use a sonic boom (by going from anywhere back wards to forward+middle) because their charges are seperate.

Some inputs for charge moves can easily overlap:

Honda’s Sumo Headbutt is - (charge):l: then :r: + :p:

His super is (charge):l: then :r: then :l: then :r: + :p:

You can cancel the headbut on contact and go straight into his super straight afterwards by doing this:

(charge):l: then :r: + :p: then :l: then :r: + :p:

The first :p: does the sumo headbutt and the following inputs complete the super because they over lap.

Well those are just some simple things that helps me figure out how the hell charge characters work :slight_smile:

wow i didnt know this :confused:

charge characters just got a whole lot easier.

That specific one works for I believe:
Guile’s FK into Super (It’s how I do it anyway XD)
Bison’s SK into Super
Chunners Kikosho into super
Honda one was already mentioned.
Blanka ball into super.

I may have missed one…

Bison can also PC into Super.

Balrog can practically combo any of his special moves to super…

Ah yes Balrog mumbles her absolute disdain for the character

And yep, Bison can PC into super, but SK is the more damaging option (Though if I have meter and PC into Super will finish I’ll do it just to be flashy X3)
Rare though because his meter is better used elsewhere =( It’s not fair because his super looks awesome.

Though immah send a PM to this guy, if he’s close/able to travel, living in Wales might be able to come to our ranbats. It’ll give them much more practice because it’s easier to show things like this in person.

Thanks a lot everyone, Really helped alot! :slight_smile: :smiley: