charge buffering

hi im new to streetfighter and i play as balrog the problem i have is i dont fully understand charge buffering .ican buffer into ultra and super from headbutt but in strat guide it talks about other moves being possible but i cant see how you would hold a charge on a forward movement.cant anybody explain thks

Hey, I think I can answer your question.

The example you posted of being able to buffer into ultra or super from heatbutt is a wrong use of the term. For headbutt into ultra or super all you need to do is continue to hold back when you headbutt. So the motion would be from holding your stick in the down back position you would move from back to up back. By using that motion you’d never lose your back charge. Then while your opponent is in the air you would do an ultra with the regular motion (Back, forward, back, forward + 3P / 3K).

Charge buffering is when you are already charging for your next special move before the first one comes out. Because of the way systems are set up, charge characters can do moves such as dash straight by using the motion Back, Forward, Back + P. The dash straight will still come out but you’ll already be charging for your next special move since you’re already at back again. It’s just the quickest way to build charge.

Hope this helps.

That technique that your mentioning is precharging… and believe are not it is kind of questionable whether precharging is faster than regular charging(I personally find precharging quicker but to each their own)… it takes an extra motion which takes up extra time to pull the move off…

@OP Holding charge for a forward movement… don’t think that is possible but it is possible to use the same charge for two different moves(special cancelled into super)

With Rog, Charge db, f+punch, b, f+punch… should cancel a rush punch into super…

hi thks for the reply yes that cleared it up 4 me