Charge Cancel?!

I have been playing the game I know you can charge cancel, but when you charge so much a bolt of lightning comes down and if you dash cancel out of it what are the benefits?

The next hit is a counter hit

Heh, I’m a bit of a noob so what does it mean even if you hit the opponent before they hit you? Whats the point of the counter hit?

Gives certain special properties on some hits, maybe a certain normal attack after it gives you a crumple state, others a ground bounce and overall more frame advantage on it so you can link an attack that is normally not possible.

You can also use Cancels to fake out your opponents. Say you’re pulling out a Hadouken, and your opponent jumps to avoid it. You can dash cancel out of it as soon as they jump, and them hit them with a Shoryuken, or maybe a Hurricane Kick; and you get a Counterhit to boot.