Charge Character Trouble


I have trouble linking a series of normals into a charge characters special moves, i can easily do it with just one normal into a special move, but i can’t do it when it’s a series for example balrogs jab jab short straight, i can’t get to link properly, is there anything that you guys do to help you link special moves.


First just practice linking the moves, on their own- (Practice Jab, Jab, Short) also, make sure that you are linking the moves, not rapid-firing them, or else you can’t do a special move afterwards. Then, once you can do that, hold down-back, input the normals, then hit foward and a punch (Make sure you tap the short, if you hold it, a rush upper will come out). Hope I helped.


Thanks for the help,I already know how to link moves without mashing them out,but the problem is i can’t get the timing right to press foward punch after the short so it doesn’t come out.


try using negative edge
so you do cb.jab,cb.jab,f.jab
i don’t get what’s difficoult about it


Because balrogs basic BnB is cb.jab,cb.jab,cb.short,dash straight.


the fact that it’s an easy BnB combo doesn’t mean it is easy for you. especially if you’re not used to charge character


First practice cr short xx dash straight (I don’t play Rog, but I am pretty sure it is a cancel and not a link) until you are 100% with it. Then add in the hit confirm and practice that.