Charge Characters in Street Fighter?


I’ve been a fan of Street Fighter since I was only five years old, playing Super Street Fighter 2 in the arcades and regular SF 2 on the Super Nintendo. However, with all my experience with a lot of Capcom fighting games in general, charge characters are my biggest weakpoint. It baffles me how I can only land a charge characters moves half the time, and they are not easy to combo into. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I checked my inputs and I see that I am performing it right… Am I just one of the dozens of people in the world that can’t do charge moves effectively?



[media=youtube]a0qRkLEcv3o[/media] stick

[media=youtube]uDdmon9ojpA[/media] pad


Don’t use them then? I got good with every character but I’d always play best with faster characters. Ninjas, you know what I mean. Just a tip, a charge character always charges their move every second every match for the just in case I need to use it now situation unless your pretty good at just using their normals, beating up scrubs with vega or something. I’d say hes my favorite charge character.


Charge inputs are easier to execute once you know the character. By that I mean for example with guile I can start charging a boom or flash kick charge while doing B+MK. Charge characters have a different tempo than others and you need to know what normals and how to mix the charge moves in to an attack pattern.
Also do not always be charging for it’s own sake. When I am VS. a charge character the entire match I’m trying to switch sides on the player to restart their charge times and make it harder on them. As one playing a charge character you want to try your best to be unpredictable, always charging is a bad idea. Charge characters have good normals so get used to those before worrying about the charge moves.


charging and charging on downback are a little differrent, you see


You’ve been playing SF for 20 years and can’t do a charge move? o_O
Pick Guile, jump in, pull the stick down as soon as you leave the ground, when you get near their head, hit fierce, keep holding down, press strong in the crouching position, then flick the stick up and tap roundhouse. Welcome to 1992.