Charge Characters - What?

I really don’t understand how charge characters are viable. If I’m not mistaken, a charge is when you hold a direction (usually back) for a few seconds before releasing and unleashing your move. How the hell can this even be achieved online? Is there some secret I’m missing?

Won’t your character walking back for a few seconds give your opponent time to react and decipher exactly what you’re doing? There has got to be some trick, shortcut, or something I’m missing because I don’t understand charge characters at all.

You can charge while doing other things, like jumping, blocking or performing a combo.

can charge while poking, blocking, jumping, attacking, and some charge moves are pretty damn nice. bison light sk for example is safe on block. You can also charge buffer if you want to do two sks in a row for example.

And what exactly is charge buffering? Considering my level of expertise (or lack thereof) of charge characters, where’s a good place to start, Balrog?

There’s a little thing called hiding charges.

you can charge while crouching, and there are some tricks such as charge buffering, but your best friend as a charge mainer is def down back

Play against a decent charge player, then revisit your statement. Additionally, charge characters normally have very good normals to offset the disadvantage of having to buffer specials.

^ yeah, Bison has one of the best footsies game, mobility and escape options

and as for rog, yeah he might be a nice charge character to start with. Just JAB JAB JAB JAB all day, he has decent anti airs too. You can learn fundamentals with him quite easily.

Don’t forget his great sweep (but is focus-punishable), and his c.HP that blots out the sun. Balrog is a very solid “first charge character” to learn.

yeah, and he has a braindead way of comboing into ultra.

game isnt all about specials

Charge characters usually have very good normals. Like, extremely good normals. Also, usually their specials are better than the comparable directional normals . AKA chun fireball versus hadouken. If Chun weren’t a charge character her fireball would be retarded. And I’m not even gonna consider Guile’s Sonic Boom. Balrog’s dash straight controls so much space and is rather safe.

and walk speed? bison chun and vega are too damn gdlk just walking

Just know that as long as you’re holding the back direction, you’re considered charging. That includes holding back as soon as you jump forward, holding back as you’re crouching, blocking, during an attack, even spamming your light attack buttons while holding back will keep you in place. Anytime you have “back” as part of your directional movement you’re already charging.

Same goes for other charge motions.

charge characters… SMH

Personally I don’t approve of charge characters if they were secretly already on the game disc, but if they were developed after then I think charge characters are fine.

Only charge character I used is Chun.Either than that I dont like them but most charge characters have good normals

Think of this like, as long as the game can register your directional input…you are charging. So here is a list of times where the game can detect your directional input.

-When you do a reversal

  • At certain points of a oppotent Ultra’s flash.
    -Throwng out a normal
  • Comboing
    -When you FADC
  • Throwing a Special

Any character can input motions in most of these scenarios, and more. As long as the game knows that you are inputing a direction, you can charge.

For sure.