Charge Combos after Cross Ups?

Hey all,

So I have this combo I am trying to do with Bison, and it is driving me crazy. I am starting to wonder if it is possible?

Basically, I am trying to go into a simple C. LK, C. LP, LP Blast after a MK Cross Up. And I cannot for the life of me get the LP Blast to come out. The only way I can get the Blast to come out is by waiting a second or so after landing, and then hitting it ( of course this does not combo ). I am holding the stick in the corner below the jump direction ( DF before cross, DB after ) the whole time, which seems like it should be plenty of time to charge.

As a test, I tried a different combo: C. MP, MP Inferno after MK Cross Up. This works fine.

So I am wondering now: do you lose your charge after a Cross Up? If so, that would totally make sense. If not, my hands are just failing me. But if you DO lose charge, are there still charge combos which have enough time to execute after a Cross Up?

I apologize if this isn’t the right forum to ask this, but the specifics pertain to Bison.

There should be enough charge time for it but you may need a late j.MK hit so you get a few extra frames on the flip side.

You may already know this, but inferno works after a cross up because it isn’t a charge move.

Is there a particular reason you’re going for that combo after a cross up when you can just go for st. mp, cr. mp XX MP Inferno instead?

Oh, yeah. I did know that, but thank you. That’s why I used it as a test case, because I knew it wouldn’t be affected by a charge time.

As to why I am doing this particular one: I was hoping to do it as an easy to execute combo, with some tolerance for error. With the combo I had laid out, it was a light blockstring, starting with a low, into Blast. That should be safe, even if my opponent blocks the whole thing. With the S. MP, C. MP, Inferno, I need to hit confirm it. Which, let’s be honest, I should be able to do, but my reactions are not great.

But I wonder if there’s enough charge time there for S. MP, C. MP xx MK Scissors? That should be safer I think, although there are a couple gaps there that you might sneak a 3f jab in…

You can also do cr MP into LK blast or scissors.

Aren’t those unsafe on block though?

Blast isn’t, it’s -4 but the pushback makes it safe, at worst you might get it with a long ranged 4 frame light but that’s rare.

Cool. And is there a particular reason you’d use those over MP blast, MK scissors coming from C MP? Is it the startup time?

Beats 3 frame lights and gives them less time to do stuff after a cross up, also LK can only combo into L blast or L scissors.

I actually use s.lp , s.lp -> Blast as my crossup follower. Works fine. So it should not be a problem to do , c.lp.
I prefer lights as well, because I dont trust the crossup to actually hit, after the hitbox nerf in S2.

You dont “lose” charge. You dont have any before you actually cross the magic line in the center of your opponent that determines whether you are left or right of him.
If you jump over your opponent from the left, I assume you start holding down-right as soon as you leave the ground. That means you charge down and FORWARD until you switch sides. Only then your input becomes down and BACK. And Blast requires a BACK charge.