Charge moves vs. command input moves

In most fighting games dating all the way back to the Street Fighter II phenomenon, there have been chars. that have had special moves that only required the player to perform simple motions on the joystick or pad (ex. Ryu, Ken, Sagat) . The “command input” moves would come out instantly after the motion is done (ex. down, down-forward, forward for fireballs). However, some chars. that have had “charge moves”, which require the player to hold the joystick and pad in one direction and switch to another (ex. Guile or Remy performing a Sonic Boom or Cool Blue Kick respectively).

I just wanna know how gamers feel about the each type of character and how they use the advantages and disadvantages to their strategies. I personally dont like charge move chars. because they usually look like they require a preset strategy or plan and my style is random and I make up my plans as I go. So how does SRK feel about this?:wonder:

I don’t know about strategy. When you get charging down, it’s just as easy as command motions.

Some games I use charge characters and some I use command. Either way I just learn to adapt.

Same here. I prefer the practicality of non-charge moves. But charge moves are easier to do, and it’s not all that limiting, once you learn your character.

oh nuh uh ive never played this “Street” “Fighter” How do you play?
is it fun? Sonic Boom soounds like a cool move, have you done it before? i bet its real cool looking

maybe you should try having a present strategy.

random isnt all that random its more predictable, you just dont know what youre doing.

I just meant that my my style changes with the situation…

give an example

I agree. You quickly learn that there are quite a few ways you can safely go about charging for a move too.

well, with charge moves, its impossible to see someone jump, and react with an anti-air without a charge, so thats an obvious downside.

But no matter what you want to have some kind of an idea down for how you are going to play. At least have an idea how each character reacts to other characters. You don’t want to go in blind to every single game or your are going to get taken down by people that have put some thought ahead and know what kind of things they can expect from each character.

I like command moves, mainly because I can’t seem to find a charge character that I want to learn to use. I don’t think I’d mind using charge commands if I liked the character, but most the time my chosen chars end up being comand types.

Vega’s Rolling Claw, Bison’s Psycho Crusher - just throwing some more out there.

To me, it doesn’t matter. Wouldn’t matter if it was 360 either - because when the skill sets in, it makes all the difference.

what game is that in your av?

Didn’t one of the old-school players write an article about this? I think it may have been Sirlin (before the site), but I’m not sure.

Once you learn how to constantly maintain a charge with your character, most of the issues aren’t very important. Remember that all it takes is slightly less than a second and a half for most moves. You can store this at any time–while blocking, while in the air, while in hit stun, while crouching… pretty much any situation that doesn’t involve hitting forward (or up, as the case may be).

Though I don’t believe for a second that anybody’s style is truly random, and though I also don’t believe anybody but the top-most competitors can claim to have a 100% adaptive style of play, most charge characters don’t require any more of a preset strategy than non-charge characters during a match. Good to have, but not an absolute requirement.

You (OP) sound more to me like a reactionary player than anything else, and it is entirely possible to whip out sonic booms and flash kicks upon reaction–provided you just get used to charging whenever you can, even if you don’t intend on using it.

If you really want to check out a situation in which a charge character unquestionably dominates, go all the way back to SFII: World Warrior. Guile is a god in that game. It’s a lot of fun and easy as hell to put together sonic boom combos, and you’ll never view charge moves as a hindrance again… unless the characters you’re trying to use are just shitty in general, which is entirely possible.

Speaking from my personal experience it was hard as fuck using a charge character on a D-pad because my thumbs would get blisters and my charges would miss anyway so I used command characters on a pad. When I got my stick my command game was a bit distorted because I had played on my pad for years but I realized that I practically never missed a charge with the charge characters and I learned how to do them faster, but on a stick though once I got beasted for about several hours straight I learned what works and what does’nt work as far as command and charge goes(…And my execution for command characters improved greatly to the point I surpassed my d-pad game).

I guess what I am trying to say is that YOU have to figure out what control medium works for you(Stick vs. Pad), then find out what type of characters works for YOU and your tastes (Charge vs. Command) and finally find out what tactics work for YOU in battle( WAAAAAYY too many to list!!) and in my honest opinion the only way to discover these is through fierce competition. I hope I was able to give a humble opinion on what little I found out about fighting games thus far in my quest to get better, and I by no means offer anything I just said as science.

what about charge special moves? kof 94,95 anyone

those were a pain. trying to do them with a pad is imposible.

the biggest difference I’ve noticed, and yet everyone has failed to mention is the way that charge motions affect your footsies and attack patterns.

so much of street fighter is based around walking back and forth. I’m seriously wondering how nobody has brought this up.

If you force guile to play footsies with you, then you can set up crossups (since he can’t flash kick to anti air and has to low fierce or block).

If you can make vega walk forward you do that the only anti air he has left is jump fierce/roundhouse or s.roundhouse.

It is for this reason that some characters fireball trap much better. Then can walk forward fireball. That’s huge. Guile can’t do that.

Other things include basic footsies. If I’m playing footsies with blanka, I can’t use psychic/reaction ball to punish whiffed attacks.

watching your opponents movement is such a huge part of the mind games in street fighter. having a charge or not affects so many crucial desicions.

That said, charge moves aren’t a disadvantage, they’re an appropriate balancing measure, walk forward whiff blanka ball would be retarded. walk forward sonic boom would be retarded (probably an infinite in most games if it weren’t a charge motion).

generally, charge moves just have better bang than their qcf counterparts. more coverage, more priority, more range, long hitboxes, imagine being able to add walking back and forth grab/meaty to your meaty walldive mixup shenanigans. that would be stupid.

Good thing is while holding down/back you charge both anti air and sonic boom on guile for an example which gives alot advantages, especially if you have them cornered.

That right there is Big Bang Beat.