Charge Paritioning

I need help with Charge Partitioning.

I’m just doing some basic stuff, like charging back, dashing forward, then tackling right after. I hold back for about a second, dash forward, i immediatly push back again and when the animation is finished i push forward+k. It never works for me (probably doing it wrong). It only came out like twice.

for me CP-ing the Shoulder is harder than the CP headbut or CP Knee Drop
Just keep practicing and it’ll get easier once you get a feel for the timing
The key to CP-ing moves is not overcharging . I don’t know why that matters but it really makes a big difference in your sucess rate


try this, standing hp, as soon as the punch animation starts hold down, when the animation ends (maybe you barely saw urien crouch), dash, same here, hold down during the dash animation, when u land do up + p
ez! some very nice charge partition stuff to try are:
-mk (down during animation), regular jump (same here) as u land ex-headbutt
-lk kneedrop (charge), land, dash (charge), ex-headbutt

the only thing u need to know is that the sum of the charge must be exact, well maybe 0.1 or 0.2 secs of extra charge and u still get the move

Its really weird…I tried it on DC and PS2 btw, and I can do lk knee drop, dash, chariot rush/headbutt, but when I do the combo c.hp lk chariot, hp aegis reflectore, hk tackle, hk kneedrop, (at this point I charge towards which becomes away when i land on the other side) dash towards, hk chariot. The problem is that it never is charged by the time I get to the hk chariot to push them towards the reflector. Why is this?

better do this:
c.hp, lk chartiot xx hp aegis, hk chartiot, dash forward, mp headbutt, dash again so u move ur oponent under the aegis, forward + mk…

Probably because you immediately start charging during the kneedrop. I think you are over-charging before the dash. There is enough time to get a full charge during the kneedrop, so as soon as you dash foward, the charge is gone. Try starting to charge at different times in the middle of the kneedrop, until you find the right timing.

ooo…i’ve always pushed the button right after the knee drop…i’ll try out both and see what they do for me, and tell you guys later. (haven’t been able to play recently due to massive amounts of hw)


UPDATE - Okay. I tried the dashing, mp headbutt, dash,, and it works fine.

I still couldn’t get the knee drop, dash, hk chariot to work. I experimented a little bit by standing right next to the char, doing a hk knee drop to get to other side, and do a chariot. I found that if i hold towards (which becomes away) right when knee drop starts, the tackle doesnt come out…BUT, if I hold away from my initial position, then push away when i cross them up, the tackle would come out.

I also tried being farthest away, doing a hk knee drop, and holding back immediatly after the knee drop starts. The tackle executes.

So i’m kinda confused now…-_-;; excuse me for all these questions and problems, i thank all of you for your help.