Charge Partition 'Set-ups'?

So I’ve recently picked up Urien as my 2nd character. I’ve got most of his basics down. Sure I can do combos and such but I find that I want to be more mobile when I play and to do that I really would like to implement charge partitioning outside of unblockable set-ups.

So my question is this.

Are there known set ups that give you the right amount of divided charge time for a successful partition?

For example: I can do a non-super jump with Urien and immediately start charging down, when I land I dash partition the rest down and then Up + Punch for a headbutt.

Are there other scenarios where you can do something with Urien, whether it be a jump, whiffing a certain normal/s to acheive this same divided charge time?

when you forward throw them (the slam) you can start charging asap and then when you recover you should have enough charge to dash and finish the charging and do whatever

edit: forward or back, doesn’t matter. as long as its not the head crush

Oh yeah the throw I never seem to got the timing down for that.

Well I just found another ‘set-up’ if anyone was interested, it seems that when you whiff/hit a roundhouse and immediately start charging up/down and then dash, that also gives you enough time for a partition

actually asap isnt the best way to say it, i start once the opponents body gets slammed to the ground