Charge partition specifics?

A person can charge for one second, get up and do something then charge again for another second and execute an attack. But how long does it take for the accumulated charge to deplete if nothing is done? Does the charge even go down or does it stock up for the player to keep until they use it or get hit or something? And yes I’m a noob.

if you don’t do anything right after charging (like, say, you’re holding back for 2 seconds, but then you hit down to try and low parry something but the other person doesn’t do anything) then you lose charage immediately. Charge doesn’t really stick around after you’ve been hit by something, even by something quick, unless you’re holding back DESPITE being struck, then you of course keep the charage. The trick to keeping the charge is going back to the “back” position just before a secondary move is executed (the “primary” being, of course, whatever move you have the intention to let out that requires charging back or down for 2 seconds; best example: using an s.strong with urien, then immediately doing a chariot tackle).

Note: It’s just a coincidence I happened to be reading two threads in which you have the last post. I’m not purposely going around trying to correct you or anything.

However, your idea of charge partitioning doesn’t cover instances where Remy can charge down, dash/UOH/whatever and resume the charge without losing it.

I dont get how you do partioning also. Right now, my main character is Q and i cant even do this simple combo like close Mk->dashing head attack. How are u suppose charge tht fast for the dashing head attack?

Here is how I figured out the timing for charge partitioning.

I use a beat system. Just for example purposes (since I haven’t really tried partitioning with Q lately) let’s say we pick Alex.

His stomp charge is about 3 seconds. I figure a jab is 1 second.
So you can see that if you do 3 low jabs and hitting up and kick after the 3rd jab, he will stomp. I call the low jab a beat, which equals to a 1 second charge, because when I was first figuring it out, I learned by remembering the sound and rythm of pressing the low jab.

Remember to hit the first jab and charge down at the same time. You don’t want to already be charging then do 3 jabs, as you won’t get a feel for the timing since you were already charging.

So it will look like this.

(Alex standing)
d/b + jab (1 beat)
(still holding d/b) jab (2nd beat)
(still holding d/b) jab (3rd beat)
u + kick (stomp)

Do this a few times to get the timing of the 3 jabs and doing a stomp.

Now we will break this up.

Do 2 low jabs, after the 2nd jab, dash foward. During the dash hold down. When the dash is complete, do a low jab and hit up and kick. If you do this right, he will do a stomp.

Do this a few times so you can get the beat of the jabs in your head.

Now, after you get that down, you can take it a step further. If you don’t want to hit a low jab, mime pressing a low jab by just tapping a part of the joystick 2 beats, dashing foward, tapping a part of the joystick for 1 more beat then doig up + kick.

After you get that down, you can do all the beats in your head (hopefully) I sometimes find myself still tapping a part of the joystick (if I don’t want to throw out a move)

You can also press any other button beside a jab, just don’t let the speed of the move throw you off, you’re paying attention to the beat of button pressing, not how many normals the character throws out (example: you can do two beats with alex’s c.strong, even though 1 strong will come out…it will count as 2 beats or 2 seconds of charge)

You can break up the beats in anyway, as long as it totals to 3 at the end.


you can do d/b + jab (1 beat), dash foward, d/b + jab x 2 (2 beats) into a headstomp


d/b + jab (1 beat), dash foward, d/b + jab (1 beat), dash back, d/b + jab (1 beat), stomp.

Now, just figure out how many beats it is for any other characters you want to charge partition with and you’re set. I hope this was easy to understand. Maybe I should make a video.

Also, for down charge moves (oro uppercut, alex stomp, remy flash kick) you can charge d/f instead of d/b as well. It’s easier when you’re foward dashing.

i got it like this:

Remy or Alex: keep holding back, press mp 2 times, forward + kick or something…

Alex: keep doing standing mp, get the timing down, then while you press the mp, press down very fast, neutral, press mp and push down again very fast, do this 3 times, and a charge down, up+k should come out with alex, you can do UOH with Remy too, etc. etc.

Urien:, dash, xx headbutt

>>>Well i sorta get it now but it will be cool if you can make a video. :smile:

Hit me up on AIM: dormdormain, or look on it in the GFB hub, for a movie called remy_advanced, made by TheHy of England, it’s a video of charge partitioning with Remy

I would make a video if I could, I mean, I can get rapid sonic booms etc. but I dont have the equipment to make a vid, plus 9/10 ppl here can make better videos then I can. =)

What do u mean by the GFB hub and where is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mouko’s post was very helpful, and i went back to trying to learn partitioning somewhat coz i thought i could apply that. i’m wondering tho… in practice, do ppl measure moves in terms of beats or in terms of the recovery of certain normals?

i tried something like the beat system for about 1 session, but got more consistent results with “the old system” - timing things in terms of a character’s move recovery. like Oro’s fireball, dash in c.SK xx dp requires barely any thought.

on the other hand, thinking in terms of a universal count (like the “beat” system) means u don’t have to whiff moves and can pick up partitioning w new chars more quickly. so i’m just curious about how the majority of players partitions their moves.

I use the timing on moves. So I’ve learned how much charge I can get out of different pokes or a dash or whatever. Eventually, I got where I had a feel for how much charge I needed.

oh yea, that was some great stuff on the Urien partitioned headbutt thread btw. specific strings really gives a feel for what can be done, and i’m working for some on Oro.

is there any chance you could rank the ones you’ve listed in order of necessity; say most necessary/pratical to most superfluous/showboat/difficult? and i don’t really mean tricky reset = showboat, but 343463 hit 40% damage combo = showboat.

(you wouldn’t happen to play Oro too would you?)