Charge partition!



Hey everyone, this is really stupid but it might worth throwing out every now and then.

Basically, as I’m sure you all know, Oro is one of the best characters to use dash-throw with because his dash is the quickest in the game and travels a decent distance.

So, with the charge partition, you can do dash-DP if you think they’ll try to tech hit. c.shortx2, and c.short into c.forward, both set this up pretty well.

This may well be worth using if you have a super to make it safe, as fierce DP can be super-cancelled. Cancelling it into tengu stone gives you a great opportunity at a blocked string if they’re near the corner, and cancelling it into fierce yagyou dama likewise gives you a very good shot at an unblockable if they’re one of the characters that can be crossed up in the corner.

Not elite tech or anything, but I figured people should know anyway.