Charge partitioning - help pls


 I am having trouble doing charge partitioning for urien's headbutt. The way I do it:

charge d/b for a couple of secs, then dash, immediately hold down during the dash, then up+mp right after the dash recovers.

When I do this, 19 out of 20 times I get Urien either jumping up, or just throwing out an mp. I just cannot figure out why my timing is off 95% of the time. Can someone help me?


You charge too much.


This is how you do it…

You MUST divide the charge in parts/partitions.

For the headbutt for instance if you want to just use one dash and then headbutt you need to charge downback for about 0.9 secs before dashing forward(where you continue charge db) and then as you land get the headbutt out.

A good way to get the feel for the charge-time is to do this…

do a cr.roundhouse with urien, charge down meanwhile, dash forward(charge down) and then press up for the headbutt.

You can do st.fierce(charge back) dash forward(charge back) and tackle

Try these to get the feel for the charge time when it comes down to dividing the charge in two parts.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:


If you’re new to partitioning, you should first find setups for partitioned moves. A simple partition such as just crouch, dash, something won’t exactly get you anywhere. You have to hide them in other moves. Experiment. You must figure out the charge time for a partition move. Some stuff are like 1 jump = half a partition “meter” and standing strong = 1/3 of the meter.

Once you practice and get all of this down, your mind starts to kinda “reveal” a partition meter. The goal is basically to get this meter in your head, and master it if you want partitions that’ll actually work.
But, first and foremost, figure out how much you need to charge. In case you’ve forgotten, the full charge time for a partition is 1 whole second (counting like 0…1).

Thanks guys! I had no idea that I shouldn’t charge for too long in the beginning. No wonder I had more success doing the partition charge when used in conjunction with urien’s midscreen aegis unblockable. Will practice more to get it down.


easier told than done :frowning:

What are some good headbutt partition setups for Urien? The only decent ones I’ve been able to do so far are:

high jump, dash, headbutt, dash headbutt

I guess I still need to get used to the exact charging time.

dash back > dash forward > headbutt.

dash cr.short > headbutt

j. rh > headbutt

j.rh > cr.jab/short > dash > headbutt

st. strong > headbutt > dash > cr. jab/short > headbutt or you can put in another dash after cr.jab/short and then just headbutt immediatly after.

there are a million ways of using them. Every partition you do will give you even more partition-setups. Mix the headbutt’s up with throws and you are set for a lot of winning. Eventuallt ppl get angry and start doing crazy shit. Thats when you punish them 'til death.

And afterwards you take a GOOD look at the player you just played and tell him…

tremble b4 my might!

the best advice i can give u about charge partitioning is…and thats i discovered myself, charge in a way that, u charge so much, that when ur dashing or even just walking, u can perform the headbut with incredible ease…what am saying is, a good example…do a knee drop wiht fierce kick, then start charging down at that moment, then dont even dash when u land, just try a headbut…u will see that it will come out…now, do the same, but, this time, DASH, and try the headbutt…u will see it works too, i call that the perfect charge! its when u start charging at the right moment during one move, so that by the end of ur move, u can easely do a headbut or a knee drop, its like charging for 1.99999999999 secs, its just perfect, u can either dash or u can even allow urself to walk for a sec, then press down and up quickly and it still comes out!!! if u can understand it, then u will become a pro of charge partitioning…like Rx :wink:
i can charge partition just using a regular dreamcast or xbox or ps2 controller…not even a joystick :slight_smile:
cya and good luck!

When I play Urien, I just think whenever I’m not pressing another direction, I press Down+Back. It takes a while to get used to, but I fluke out on alot of partitioning. :slight_smile:

So do you dash first and then press down charge? I’m having trouble dashing and charging at the same time.

dash forward > charge > dash forward > charge > dash back > ex headbutt.

Just give it some time.

How would you practice charge partitioning in training mode? Do you just do it by itself or would you do RH tackle and then charge partition mp headbutt?

Easiest way to basic charge partition is (imo) to hold down, count 0 … 1, dash, hold down while dashing, then up + punch. Basic dash->headbutt partition. This can be modified into multiple dashes, or into charging different directions (for tackle and such) … Can vary a little depending on how fast you count but it once you do it, it should only get easier.

hmm is this possible to do on a pad? cuz like if ur holding down then u have to go from crouching to dashing instantly right. i cant really do it as fast as i can on a stick but i dont like using sticks.

nvm what i just said i can do it now

Hey Graf, you got XBL again? If you have would be good to get some games in. :tup:

One of the guys at Funland caught me with a really easy partition that I never saw the other week. Needless to say, I’ve been expanding the partition repetoire and getting a lot more stuff in it (dash-headbutt & dash-tackle this week, UOH-headbutt last week) … Easiest way to get basic partitioning I’ve seen:

MP+MK (UOH), charge down, release down, MP+MK (UOH), charge down, up + p = headbutt.

Really, REALLY easy way to get it done. I had a friend figure it out in ~ 10 minutes or so and he did it to his cousin who’s a big urien player and his cousin was like “wtf??? Who showed you that stuff?” … Needless to say, it’s not very useful in a match, but the timing you learn while doing it can be used to progress quite easily.

Easiest partitioning IMO = Jump ,charge down, jump ,charge down , headbutt.

If anybody needs help with Cp send me a Fr on xbox live and I will help you out just have a mic please send Fr to OROCHI HIMSELF