Charge partitioning: is it practical?

i just spent an hour or so today trying to learn how to partition Oro’s boogie ball and dp, and i think i can do it consistently enough. so i tried playing arcade mode vs the CPU, and found that just trying to charge partition messes up my regular Oro gameplan pretty badly. i just can’t seem to find places where charge partitioning is useful.

so i this is what i’m hoping to know:

  • which characters is charge partitioning most useful for?
  • if you manage charge partition consistently, could you say learning it was worthwhile?
  • would your Urien/Oro/Remy/etc be as good without charge partitioning?
  • is it practical, overall? are the risks of over/undercharging (screwing up) worth the payoffs?

It’s useful for masking things, so your moves aren’t nearly so telegraphed.

I’d say it’s required for Urien (some unblockable setups need it), less so but still useful for Remy, DEFINITELY helpful for Alex (rainin’ Timbs!), and just kinda-sorta for Oro. Oro doesn’t seem to really rely on his uppercut that much, as you can do a lot of other stuff instead. Partitioning a boogie just seems silly.

It’s like Roll Cancelling. If you can do it without working too hard, abuse it like whoa. If not, then don’t bother.

N - Unless you’re Urien. Then you had better MAN UP, JIGGA!

Charge paritioning is completely optional for Oro, but it does have its uses… both of which were demonstrated by Inoue in the recent a-cho videos.

  1. fireball, backdash x2, repeat

You can use this when you want to play runaway. It can be used to run the clock or just to annoy the opponent if they try to chase you. Inoue was also doing kara-fireballs after his dashes, but that’s just silly.

  1. any poke, dash, ducking Forward (or Short) XX uppercut XX regular Tengu

This gives Oro one more Tengu setup, and it’s totally safe if blocked. Not even supers with one frame of startup like Kikousho can punish it. If the uppercut hits, you can’t juggle, so EX Tengu is not recommended with this setup. And if it’s blocked, you’re not only safe but relatively close to your opponent to start pressuring.

mm… interesting. i’ve gotta try those in a bit. why can’t Oro juggle with EX Tengu after a connected uppercut tho? it’d be really nice to have 40+ hit juggles off a low attack…

as for abusing it “like Roll Cancelling”, does it really deserve to be up there with RCs? it seems to be a lot more difficult, and the payoffs aren’t as obvious. RCs gave invincibility… while partitioning gives attacks that can be parried or substituted for with other non-charge attacks. well… except for Urien i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, i practiced for another hour and found some handy drills for Oro.

  • fireball, dash in c.SK xx fireball, dash out, repeat
  • fireball, dash in x 2, c.SK xx EX dp
  • first one Jinrai mentioned

i can sorta see a mixup going with the second one; instead of c.SK xx EX dp i could do a normal throw, FK xx pillar, SP, etc. i can’t remember if the fireball from full screen gives me that (Remy-ish) kinda time tho.

it’s gonna break my back, but i think i’m gonna enjoy learning this more than CvS2 roll cancelling. i can already see it’ll be a lot of fun once i get it down.

It’s just impossible to juggle anything off a non-EX uppercut. Oro has plenty of time to juggle something after activating EX Tengu, but the move and rocks just whiff right through the sprite. If Oro had two Tengu stocks (BROKEN!), EX uppercut XX EX Tengu would work perfectly.

tho… by definition an EX super requires all meter, heh. but damn. they could’ve given Oro that at least. everyone else gets kara this, link-off-anything that.

mm… i think partitioning might make non-chicken combo Yagyou setups easier. i’ll have to play SA2 more.

well, thanks guys. i’m out of questions for the moment so i guess i’ll let this thread sit in the sun for a while.

BTW, I don’t recommend Uppercut (or EX Uppercut) XX Yagyou. Unlike Tengu, if the opponent blocks he/she has plenty of time to punish you before the Yagyou even comes out.

actually i meant using that jab fireball xx Yagyou into strong/fierce fireball zoning thing. it just means i don’t have to sit before i can throw the whole setup out, and dashing before the second fireball could certainly help my positioning.

I see. By all means, play around with it and see what works for you.

would you guys have any tips for partitioning with particular characters? in the way of strings that might get the timing down just right, i mean. for example, Inoue used SP (whiff), dash in, c.SK xx EX dp (xx Tengu, etc) on that match where he OCVs another team. other examples; (Alex) short elbow, dash out, headstomp, (Remy) LOV, dash in twice, c.SK xx flash kick.

any good threads on the rules of partitioning? like how much leeway you get for keeping the charge with regards to neutral states (eg between dashes), how many times you can partition (eg i think on the Powerstrike combo vid, Remy partitions a flash kick with ~10 standing jabs, with dashes). would it be possible to partition simply charging while dashing - with minimal neutral states between dashes (eg charge during dash animation while dashing back and forth nonstop to pull out a flash kick)? etc.

edit: i just did a search. lotsa threads. i guess recommendations would be nicer than anything, even if character-specific.

also, are there any charge partitioning instructional vids out? it’d be nice to have an idea what the “bare minimum” is for each character.

if there aern’t any, then let it be known that at least one noob is asking for one. :karate: hey, you could group it by character (like Mopreme et al’s link encyclopedia) in order of practicality/difficulty (maybe hardest partitions near the end)