charge partitioning

hi im new to third strike and i would like to know about charge partitioning

what is it and how is it done?

thanks for your time

read the thongboy thread thats stuck in the urien forum

best to ask this in one of the character sections who use it.

what character do u wanna use charge partitioning with?

charge partitioning is like what it sounds… u break the charge up by charging it during a move or animation… but then releasing the charge and storing it (by going into neutral or doing any other move that will not add to the charge time)

u can break it up into as many pieces as u want as long as the final charge time all added up equals the proper charge time then u can do the move.


with remy (who saw that coming?)…

throw a light of virtue (lov) but tap down while u throw it.

dash forward and tap down while u dash

cr strong and cancel it into rising rage flash (rrf).

in this example u r dividing the sommersault charge in 3 pieces.

the actual timings cant really be explained online u gotta “feel” the charge

edit: in addition…

if u charge partiton more than the move allows the charge move wont come out. so u gotta be specific in the amounts u break up each charge.

one way to learn charge partitioning fast is keeping count how many of each move can u perform while u go for a full charge. once u learn the how many strong punches or dashes fit together for a full charge then u can replace doing those moves and it can be remembered from memory.

thanks for the tip everdred…:tup:

emphy explained that to me in person once… but i didnt know wtf… so the stick cannot be @ a neutral state @ all?

I think it can, but only for a split second.

i’m t rying to remember what an unknown source told me when he told me the easy way to partition basically it was your charge is full before you dash when you dash you’re just keeping the charge so when the dash is over you wanna be holding down then immediately up + punch

5 minutes after he explained it to me i did it

Yes you CAN go to neutral for a split second, true. Best example on this is when you charge first part and then dash and do st.strong > headbutt with urien. Or parry > headbutt is another example.

Anyways, i know from my own exp. that it is A LOT easier if you charge downback than down when you want to partition. So try to charge downback more often than down.

Your words make it sound like you can charge forever, then dash and headbutt.

To charge partition, you add up separate charges to equal 1 second (or as close as you can to 1 second). Example: Charge for 0.8 seconds, dash and while dashing, charge for 0.2 more seconds. Doesn’t have to be exactly 1.0 second, but the closer you are, the more consistant it’ll turn out.

You can probably just let go and let the color do the work.

For some reason I can partition headbut waaaayyyy better than tackle with Urien. Am I crazy, or this a difference in charge times or something?

Also, what IS the exact time you have to charge? Feels longer than one second.

ssssssh they don’t need to know about the color thing sometimes i get a ouji board and channel his spirit out of his sleeping body

i’m trying to get dude to post up his explaination

Hahaha… whoops. I kinda stopped caring and never got around to writing up that guide.

Anyways, to sum it up in a nutshell, the most important part is charging after the dash. So as long as you don’t charge for too long before the dash, you can always finish charging when the dash is over.

its not that hard, dont try to count or shit (at least, that didnt work for me) and just try =/ I find it pretty easy and I dont even play Urien. Just dont forget that you can’t hold the stick too long in a neutral position, and the charge comes out in a couple of times.

Do you Urien and Remy guys charge partition constantly, or only when you expect you’re gonna use it? Like, do you hold downback every time you dash toward the opponent?

I’m starting to use partitioning with Q, is why I ask.

For most any old-school player, or charge-character, I would imagine that this is a habit. I charge nonstop and hold down-back without realizing it. The moment I jump, dash, attack, etc.

I find it hard to NOT charge, for those times where you can’t charge too long or you’ll ruin your patition. Which happens a lot IMO.

But for those natural partition setups (midscreen whiff headbutt unblockable for example) it’s cake.

Wow I just learned something new thanks true tech, but is there any other moves with Urien that allows to charge partition.

ALL of his moves allow you to partition. Walking even. (It can take the place of the “break” in the charge)