charge partitioning

i dont think i saw any charge partitioning with alex mentioned around here. So, i thought i should make a thread about it because if your playing alex, you might as well be using every single option avaliable to you.
an example is with alex u dash then immediately followed by a slash elbow or air stampede, this should sometimes catch your opponent off guard, and should be used in part of alex’s heavy mix up game.
i haven’t mastered doing them well yet, but from reading urien posts, it appears that the the total time used ‘charging’ a move before and after an action like a dash should add up to 1 sec.
so i guess for a dash and an immidiate slash elbow is
hold back 0.5 secs, dash, hold back for 0.5 secs(starting holding back immediatly after input for dash, kick.

because it’s not necessary. Sure it’s looks cool but if it were really good, they’d be doing it a lot more.

Charge Partitioning with Alex is not really necessary, like Dander said.
Your more likely gonna be poking with crouching MP, using mixups with the ddt or hyper bomb which will not require any partitioning at all.

It’s hella useful for Urien and Remy, but for Alex…no…

Partitioning with Alex is useless???
but his stomp is like god send for partitioning, is there any use for it (charge-partitioning) in high level gameing?

It’s a nifty mixup, but yeah, Alex’s gameplay really doesn’t need it.

wtf are you talking about Hyper Bomb all the time…

maybe thats what he calls the regular power bomb?

How does he call his Hyper Bomb SA then? If someone is claiming to know that much about Alex you can at least expect a correct naming.

That’s exactly what I mean.

If I wanted to refer you to his SA1, I would tell you that i would want you to use his SA1.

Does anyone know the name of the move anyways?

What move? SAI? It’s “Hyperbomb”.

I meant his regular powerbomb.
I know his SA1 is called Hyper Bomb, but I wanna know the name of his regular powerbomb.


edit: if you know Hyper Bomb is SAI why the fuck do you call the Powerbomb Hyperbomb

Craig Marduk has a Powerbomb d+1+3


please no one listen to dander.

And there it is.