Charge players joystick hold



How do you guys usually hold your joystick for charge players like balrog for optimal performance ? For me i hold by going in between my pinky and forth finger how about you guys ?


I hold it the same for every character.

Stick goes between my ring and pinky fingers, and I hold the ball with my index, middle, ring fingers and thumb.

I used to kind of rest my index and middle fingers on top of the ball and steer it with my thumb, but I find my execution got a lot better when I switched.


i just hold it like im drivin a stick shift lol


The only difference that I find between Normal and Charge characters is the emphasis on down to up positions (Headbutt, Vertical Ball, etc.)


I use a rubber-band to keep it at down-back at all times.


I’m the one on the right, with the green stick, you can see my grip there.

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For future reference, the common belief is you hold your stick like you hold your dick


You hold ball tops like your cupping another man’s balls as shown with the man on the left of your picture.


I hold it like a pencil using my index and middle finger.


I use my thumb on the inside of the stick, my index on the top slighty towards the outside and my middle finger curled up like I’m making a fist underneath the ball top.


It’s weird, when I play charge characters, I have the stick in between my middle and ring finger with the tips of my middle, thumb and index on the knob, ring finger pinky finger at the base.

When I play other characters I have the stick between my pinky and ring finger with the fleshy-middle part of my fingers kinda wrapping around the ball of the knob.


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