Charge Question

Getting into ssf4ae from marvel, and I want to use Chun-li or Guile. How do you know when you have a charge ready?

You just have to learn the timing. Go into training mode and charge for different amounts of time until you hit the sweet spot, then you’ll know.

Is the charge time the same for a character’s different moves, or does it vary? For example, is Chun-li’s SBK charge time different from her Kikoken or Ultra 1 time?

From what I understand, every characters charge is around 1.5 to 2 seconds.

From what I’ve heard, it takes 2 seconds to hold a charge (so 120 frames). Charges can be held while doing other moves, during a jumping, on knockdown, etc. Also, a down-back charge is the equivalent of a back and down charge. That means down-back forward will give you a sonic boom and down-back up can give you a flash kick.

Hope this helps

Charges are not 2 seconds, that number is probably from way back in SF2, before turbo edition.

Most charge moves take slightly less than 1 second to charge (55 frames to be exact). This is actually present in the character frame data for SF4.

As far as I know, the sole exception to the 55 frame charge time is Guile’s Sonic Boom. It was buffed in Super and can be activated after 50 frames.

SFIV vega has several charge moves that store in 42 frame and some that take up to 60.