Charge times/metronome

I was lurking in the bison forums and read that you can set a metronome to 165 beats/min and it’ll perfectly match the timing for x 3 links!

I was thinking of using a similar method for getting a feel for charge times for different characters moves. problem is, though, i’m having trouble finding exact charge times for moves. most places say “2 second charge” and I know that certain characters’ moves like SONIC BOOM had charge times shortened. but shortened by how much? 1.5 seconds?

and the 2-second thing doesn’t make sense because in my example 165 bpm means that 3’s is pretty close to a second, yet it says you can usually link to a double-knee right after the third!?!!?

anyways, my main question is does anybody know or know where I can get information about charge-times? Bison’s moves in particular. I did the google search in the upper right corner and nothing came up in the forums.

Check the wiki, it’ll tell you how many frames. 60 frames are in a second. A little math will tell you what to set the metronome to.

Most charges are 55 frames. I’m pretty sure ALL of Bisons are 55 frames.

Count to 2. You probably went in your head: “one… two”. That’s only one second, you went from the end of second one to the beginning of second two. Two seconds would be “zero… one… two”. That is why you see people say that it is a two second charge, people are just counting it wrong.

iirc, scissors were 60 frame charge in vanilla, which is why you read that you can usually do cLK x3 xx scissors, unless you did not start charging until you threw out the first cLK, it should be doable.

Anyway, charge times vary from move to move. You should find the correct data on the shoryuken wiki under each character’s frame data.