Charge up



What is the input for the charging glow thing that is available to all characters??

What is the move called? And does it give the next hit a counter hit like SFxT?

Thanks in advance!


its all four attack buttons at the same time. I do believe that it gives your next attack a counter hit.


:eek: Yeah, it’s called either supercharge or ki charge.

Your next hit is counter hit, you will do chip damage on block, and some characters have additional strings they can only perform when charged.

While the input is always 4 buttons for every character, some characters can “chain” into charging up as part of their strings.

While you’re charged, you cannot block and the next hit landed on you will be a counter hit, so please be careful.

You shouldn’t do it unless you know exactly what you’re doing and have the risk/reward skewed heavily in your favor. Counter hits are NASTY in this game and even a modestly careful supercharge could end up costing you the round.