Charge Vs. Non-Charge

Is there any advantage to a charge character? Same with non-charge?

Charging is meant to be a handicap on special moves, because they are usually pretty strong (Guiles sonic boom)

to make up for that handicap, charge characters tend to have much better normals than noncharge.

It’s just a different way to input special moves

I don’t think there is any defined advantage a charge character has over any other style of character. That being said, currently a lot of charge characters are considered to be quite strong compared to the rest of the cast. Balrog, Bison, and Honda just to name some.

Each have their advantages and disadvantages, i.e most motion fireballs can be executed directly with a motion but they have a good amount of recovery frames to be punished by a jump-in attack, but Guile’s Sonic Boom must be charged but at the same time it’s recovery is a lot faster so it’s hard to get punished. Overall it’s a good way to balance specials.

Also, IMO charge combos are a lot easier than motion based combos, I guess it all depends on preference.

Charge characters don’t necessarily have better or worse normals than non charge characters.

generally speaking they do

characters like guile, rog and chun have more normals that are effective at any given moment than characters like ryu, sagat others.

So, since I used the word “generally” and “tend” its pretty safe to say im leaving out some charge characters and im not making an absolute statements.

To balance this, qcf characters can deal better burst damage in a pinch. That’s why a character like Guile, Dee Jay, Bison, or even Balrog can’t lose the lose the life lead because it’s hard to get back in front because special moves are harder to chain and keep pressure while moving forward. Charge characters tend to be especially weak to mix-up game as well. But the payoff, is that charge characters tend to be defensive minded, and usually have a strong set of anti-air normals, and high damage special attacks. Furthermore, in the SF4 series, bait and punish seems to be the strongest it has been in awhile, and charge characters fit this bill nicely.