Charged LoV too long - how to prevent that?

I have seen quite a few videos of matches where Remy does the ‘LoV machinegun’ and I have been trying to do that but to no avail.
I know that if I charge downback/back for too long, then perform the LoV, the second LoV won’t come out, right?

But this is the problem that I am having. I can do single LoVs fine of course. But how can I not hold downback for too long? How can I prevent that? Because what I find myself doing is holding downback or down for like 3 seconds, then doing forward + punch.

I know to partition it for machinegun LoV, I need to do forward then downback + punch. However, I can only do that very inconsistently. And after that, when I do the second LoV, it doesn’t come out. Probably because I focused too much on partitioning, so I ended up charging too long for the first LoV.

This is the main reason why I never could do rapid LoV, or Urien’s tackle juggles (I think it works the same way). How can I learn to do this right?

You’re mistaking, your charge is too short, it is not partitionning, it is buffering.

You cannot cancel a charge when it is too long if you do not partition it. BTW, it is not possible to do a machine gun with the second LOV, you can only begin to do it from the third one.

So do a LOV, wait for it to vanish (hit/block/whiff), then throw the second one, and then, you’ll be able to do repetitive LoV.

Works better if you can partition the second LOV to make it look more natural.

You can very well start on the second lov. You just have to learn the timing of the charges to, “activate,” rapid fire. I say activate because that’s how it should be thought of: a state you can turn on from doing a specific thing. In this case, you throw the first lov doing a buffer (charge, press towards, go to back/db again, press button), then, once the exact timing for the next lov you want to throw is up (it’s slightly strict, but easy to learn), then you throw it, charging during its animation, and throwing another when the animation is up. Repeat for however long you want (without getting 3 on the screen at once).

Keep in mind that different strengths of lovs (ie, jab, strong, fierce) have slightly different charge times (the higher strength, the longer charge). It’s just learning the timing. Rapid fire has been discussed enough around here I’m sure you could’ve just searched for specific posts for help

try getting it started from a lk lov to hp lov those timings are most similar