Charity Gaming League - Dragonball FighterZ League

Greetings! Charity Gaming League is a multi-gaming amateur eSports community that hosts tournaments, events, and leagues to help raise funds for charities, as well as having lots of fun and winning cool prizes. Dragonball FighterZ is a relatively new game we are trying to involve ourselves in and we recently began a new competitive league in the game. We are seeking some players who may be interested in replacing those who have either A) not shown up to their first week’s matches or B) have broken the rules and are disqualified. Replacing these individuals is important so that we retain a full compliment of players competing with each other.
Currently, our prizes are simply merchandise clothing bearing the Charity Gaming League branding. In the future, we hope to implement cash prizes as well as potential other prizes including electronics and gear for your computer or setup. With that said, we do hope you will consider joining our league! If you decide to join, the first step is contacting me. The first method is e-mail: ( The second method is Discord (ID = Isaiha#8640). The third method is replying here on these forums. The fourth and final method is joining our discord server: (

In order to be registered into the league and earn the prizes you must be willing to commit to multiple weeks of competitive play. This really only requires you play up to 4 matchups every week for about 6-8 weeks. If we can get 6-8 more players for replacements and to max out our complement, that would be fantastic! If you don’t know what a league is, think of it like playing a sport that has a season of matches ending with the playoffs. You play matches every week culminating to a final tournament where top performers have already won prizes as well as earn top placement in the brackets where as lowest performers start in losers bracket (or may not be included in the tournament if their stats are too low!) So consider joining today and participate to win some cool swag!