"Charity Workers" Stealing things?


So an Asian lady may have stole my EVO t-shirt. She walked over to me while I was charging my phone while waiting for a match and started talking about missing people and human trafficking, she then asked for a donation, I didn’t donate, but I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying. She was also WAY shorter than the average Asian woman, (like Oompa Loompa height) and spoke with an accent. I don’t think she had a badge. It wasn’t until after she left that I noticed that my Evo shirt was gone. Thankfully, none of my other things are missing. Well lesson learned, gotta stay vigilant in Vegas.

Note: I could have dropped the shirt somewhere, but I keep really good track of my things. I also don’t drop shirts, but I drop combos.


She definitely looked sketchy! Sorry, she stole your EVO shirt bro.


I gave her money :s


She could have been trafficked…


Alot of stuff gets lost in vegas and remember the saying what happens in vegas stays in vegas lol


I remember her, I felt bad because I used my last bit of cash to buy a shot.